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MJF is the Sprawl God

All Elite Wrestling

Maxwell Jacob Friedman promised to pin Darby Allin at Full Gear with a headlock takeover, and he did it. Sure, he blasted Allin with a straight punch while wearing his Dynamite Diamond ring first, but it still counts!

Turns out that’s just one aspect of MJF’s technical wrestling brilliance. During his recent appearance on Casual Conversations with The Classic, Bryan Danielson was talking about the young talents who stand out to him at AEW. When Danielson got to Friedman, we learned the story of the “Sprawl God”...

“You got MJF, who’s just like your — he’s evolving what you would have called the standard heel act. But he’s evolving in a way that’s like, it’s modern, and it doesn’t feel like he’s just out there being a heel, it feels like he’s an asshole... I talk to him and he’s kind of an asshole [laughs].

“He’s made the claim — it’s so funny — he’s made the claim that it’s impossible, there’s not anybody in this world who can double leg him. He said he’s susceptible to a single leg takedown, but nobody can double leg him, because he’s the ‘Sprawl God.’ He said he’s never been double-legged his entire amateur wrestling career.

“I was like ‘Oh, you must have had a pretty good amateur run?’ He like, ‘Ah, my last year was my freshman year of high school.’ I was like, ‘What?’ [laughs] But making that kind of bold claim, it’s a lot of fun. I’m like, ‘Oh, okay.’ He is kind of this, just turned up to eleven.”

Max retweeted an article about Danielson’s story, restating his Sprawl God status with “Many have tried. All have failed.” And the wrestler CM Punk says replaced MJF in AEW’s Four Young Pillars has Friedman’s back on this:

Now I want double leg takedowns of MJF to be AEW’s version of body slamming Andre The Giant.

Who do you think should be the first person to bring the Sprawl God down?

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