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Eddie Kingston didn’t want help from Chris Jericho on Rampage

When Chris Jericho ran in to save Eddie Kingston from a beating on Rampage, many fans wondered if this would be the start of a beautiful friendship. Imagine Kingston opening his cold heart to share bubbly with Le Champion as they sing show tunes together, or at least a rock and rap ditty reminiscent of, “Walk This Way.” If that sounds like you’re darkest fears, rest assured that Kingston doesn’t appear pleased with the assist.

Kingston shed light on the situation by pointing out the cameras didn’t show him saying he didn’t need Jericho’s help. That is consistent with Kingston’s surly nature.

Jericho replied that he wasn’t out there to help Kingston.

That explanation squares up based on how slow Jericho arrived to the ring. He could have arrived much sooner if he felt the need for urgency.

The logical next step in traditional professional wrestling booking would be tag team action. The path has been laid for Kingston and Jericho to unite as men who both find 2point0 annoying. That is if Kingston would accept the match. He might prefer going solo in a handicap contest rather than accept a helping hand from Le Champion. Time will tell which direction AEW chooses to head.

If Kingston and Jericho are eventually going to collide, then there will be bragging rights at stake for best spinning strike finisher. Kingston’s spinning backfist is no joke, but Jericho’s Judas Effect spinning elbow has won the AEW World Championship. Maybe they can recreate the end of Rocky 3 by hitting each other at the exact same time. If AEW went that route, then that means Jericho must train Kingston to get in better shape by sprinting on the beach. Imagine the jubilation when Kingston finds the eye of the tiger.

Would you side with Kingston or Jericho if the two engage in a feud?

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