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Miz, Cena & Triple H referenced in epic CM Punk/MJF promo duel

UPDATE: The entire segment has been uploaded to YouTube, and is embedded above.

AEW Dynamite’s return to Chicago was all set to open with a CM Punk match on Nov. 24. Then a wild Maxwell Jacob Friedman appeared.

The crowd in Wintrust Arena wasn’t excited. They were even less thrilled when he was the subject of an MJF roast that included shots at the hometown hero’s looks, exit from WWE, and lack of success in UFC. It all stemmed from Friedman’s resentment that Punk never mentioned him as a young AEW talent he wants to face.

The Best in the World fired back that he was disappointed in MJF. He’d heard so much about him, but he’s only seen Max go after the lowest hanging fruit — and that made him a less famous Miz.

That was the first of several WWE references in this promo duel. Friedman said Punk had gone PG, and said he might as well be preaching hustle, loyalty and respect. John Cena was also part of MJF’s point about Punk always being second best, but that one also included “The King of Kings”.

Triple H was part of Punk winning this war of words, too. He admitted there was some truth in what Max said, but there was also a reason he never mentioned him in interviews. Because when he came to AEW, he went after it’s heart & soul, Darby Allin. Punk beat him, and didn’t need a diamond ring to do it. MJF’s so busy running his mouth about being one of AEW’s Four Pillars, he didn’t notice he’d been replaced by Britt Baker.

He wasn’t done. There was also a bar about how Friedman would only rise to the top of AEW if Tony Khan has a daughter he can marry. Doofus son-in-law callback for the win.

It was a a call back to The First Dance that ended this round. Punk said he wanted to top giving his hometown ice cream bars by kicking Friedman in his “needledick”. MJF made like he was going to fight, but bailed.

Not the end...

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