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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (Nov. 24, 2021): Thanksgiving Eve in Chicago

All Elite Wrestling

Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing tonight at 8 pm ET on TNT.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what led up to, and what we’re looking forward to on, tonight’s show.

This week’s show comes our way from Wintrust Arena in Chicago. It features Chi-town’s own CM Punk kicking QT Marshall’s butt, and hometown guy Colt Cabana repping Dark Order against Hangman Page’s first challenger, Bryan Danielson. Plus, Thunder Rosa vs. Jaime Hayter in a TBS Title Tournament quarterfinal, a Full Gear follow-up eight-man tag pitting Cody Rhodes, PAC & Lucha Bros against Malakai Black, Andrade El Ídolo & FTR... and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Fight for the black shark, see what evil brings, can’t you see we’re out for blood? Love from a shotgun, license to kill, can’t you see I’m just here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks?

The show opens with the intro video.

CM Punk makes his entrance for our opener and Maxwell Jacob Friedman immediately interrupts him.

He asks if it feels good to be interrupted and says Punk really hurt his feelings when he turned down his handshake last week, almost as bad as when he quit and took his ball home like a little bitch. But you know what was great? The Pipe Bomb. Legendary. A great promo, and it’s fair to say the Pipe Bomb is Punk’s best moment, but the thing is, every MJF moment is the best.

Unlike Punk, he’s not a one-trick pony, and don’t get it twisted, he respects him and what he’s done and even that he’s straight edge, although he never thought a straight-edge man could look so much like a meth addict. (CM gives him a little “fair game” nod right there.)

But if he looked like Punk he’d have to start his day with eight shots of whiskey just to look in the mirror. Anyway, his grievance is people would ask Punk who he wanted to wrestle and he’d list everyone under the sun and he didn’t name MJF and he can pretend he’s not interested, but the truth is he doesn’t want none.

And who can blame him, he’s been a big fish in a small pond on the mic his whole career and standing opposite Friedman he’s a minnow, and he’s gonna finish him like his UFC career. You can drop cute little pipe bombs all you want, because he’s MJF, and he drops nukes.

CM goes and gets a mic and tells Max he’s disappointed in them but first he wants to thank him for last week, for introducing himself like a proper young man, and he had no idea his first name was Maxwell, this entire time he thought MJF stood for “my jealous fan.”

If he’s so hung up on Punk never mentioning him, that was by design because the last thing he wanted to do was feed his rotten ego, and he’s in his head, which probably has a lot to do with the fact that there’s a poster of him on his wall. That doesn’t change his disappointment, because he always heard about the great MJF, and last week he shut MJF up without saying a word.

He had seven days to think of good zingers and he comes out here with the lowest hanging fruit? He thinks he’s somebody, that what he does is revolutionary, but the reality is he’s a less-famous Miz.

Friedman says that was really creative, it was almost what he wanted, and that phrase perfectly encapsulates Punk’s whole comeback run, and he supposes it’s true— he gets cut off briefly by “Miz!” chants— nostalgia is drug that makes us misconstrue our memories, and Punk is nothing but nostalgia.

And of course MJF was a fan, nobody could touch Punk in the ring or on the microphone... or was, because since coming back he’s struggled to beat the easiest opponents or say anything with even the slightest intrigue, and his breath smells like shit because he’s been kissing so much ass lately.

He offers up a quick impression of Punk and does a Madlibs cheap pop, calling him robotic pucker up punk. His hair’s going gray, he’s gone soft, and if anyone needs to go to sleep, it’s CM Punk. Not even CM Punk anymore, but PG Punk. What happened to the renegade asskicker, the outsider, because he might as well be out here preaching hustle, loyalty, and respect.

But here’s the thing, he can see him, or see through him even. He claims to come back for the younger talent but also for a boatload of money, that he can’t fix pro wrestling from a couch in Chicago, but he sat on that couch for seven years, and why? Was he too busy writing comics nobody read and acting in movies nobody saw?

Or because he was terrified, scared he couldn’t hang anymore, or never could in the first place. If the other company they looked at him like a cult hero who was being held down, and now here he is, every opportunity to prove these people right, but can he?

Will they feel that way in a month, two months, a year? He does’t envy Punk, but he knows he envies him, because he’s everything about this business that CM hates, because he was born for this, a clean-cut professional while Punk was a scrawny tatted-up misfit from Chicago.

He had to work his tail off to become the man he is today and he commends Punk for that, but he knows that it eats him up to know that after all his hard work, his whole career he’s been nothing more than second best. Whether to the You Can’t See Me Man or the King of Kings, he was never up to snuff, and now that he’s here in MJF’s ring, in his company, it’s no different.

He may claim to be Best in the World, but MJF is better than him and he knows it.

Punk stares him down for a long beat and considers his response. He says there’s some truth in what he said, a little bit. He was scared coming back, and he’s not gonna lie, he didn’t know if the people would remember him or care or if he still had it, but trust him, he’s not scared any longer.

He’s certainly not scared of MJF, because the timing might not match up, but he was selling out Madison Square Garden when Max was on Rosie O’Donnell. You wanna sing a song right now, Maxwell? You’re standing in the ring with a professional, and you’re gonna make the New York Times again, but this time the obituaries, because he’s enrolled in a college his parents can’t pay for.

Max can’t back up shit without his backup, FTR, Shawn Spears, Wardlow... and he never mentioned MJF because he didn’t need to. He went for the heart and soul of AEW in Darby Allin, and that chews him up doesn’t it? He beat Darby and he didn’t need a diamond ring to do it, and he spends so much time talking about being the most powerful of the four pillars, he doesn’t even realize he’s been replaced by Britt Baker.

MJF talks too much and they’ve wasted the people’s time. They call Chicago the Second City, and he’ll wear number two like a bullet, because when you burn him to the ground, he builds right back up atop the smoldering embers. And who’s the man around here? It’s not Max, because the only way he’s gonna be the man around here is if he lasts long enough for Tony Khan to have a daughter he can marry.

The only thing he can think that’s a better welcome-back gift to the fans than ice cream bars is punching Max in his little needle dick right now. Friedman takes his jacket and scarf off like he’s gonna fight and rolls out of the ring instead.

And so we go to break.

CM Punk vs. QT Marshall

Punk takes Marshall off his feet and flexes, side headlock, shot off, Aaron Solo tries to get involved and QT clobbers him with a forearm! CM with a trio of body slams, a fourth, snapmare into a lateral press, only a nearfall! Reverse chinlock applied, Marshall backs him into the ropes, Nick Comoroto with interference this time and referee Paul Turner ejects both of them!

Another body slam, QT with a knee out of the corner, whip reversed, Punker with a back elbow and mounted punches in the corner. Hammer whip leaves Marshall sprawling but he manages to recover and trap CM in the corner briefly. Snapmare to a stomp to the face, reverse chinlock, elbows get Punk out of it.

Trading strikes, whip reversed, clothesline sends Marshall to the floor, diving lariat knocks him out and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Marshall has a neck crank and Punk stands up in it to break free with elbows but an Alarm Clock forearm staggers him, QT with a Liger Bomb... NOPE! Right hands, posing for the crowd, Punk gets a neckbreaker off and gets fired up! Corner knee, headed up top, the diving elbow connects!

Calling for it...

CM Punk wins by pinfall with the Go to Sleep.

Tony Schiavone interviews Christian Cage and Jurassic Express backstage.

Christian says they have the kind of momentum that leaves you feeling unbeatable, and when you feel this way, good things happen. Like Jurassic Express being the #1 ranked tag team in AEW, and they’ve been here before, but the difference is the momentum, the confidence, and Christian Cage, and he’s going to make sure they win the tag titles.

And on that note, we go to break.

Back from commercial, Eddie Kingston cuts a promo calling out Daniel Garcia.

2.0 and Garcia roll up to tell him how touching his Player’s Tribune article was, and it read like a guy that was satisfied, and that’s great, but he’s not hungry anymore. 2.0 say they’re here to help because he couldn’t help Moxley, and that sets Eddie off. Daniel throws a drink at him and Eddie sees red and has to be held back!

Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson) vs. Gunn Club (Billy & Colten Gunn)

Chaos to start, Boulder press drops Billy, Bronson gets sidestepped into the barricade on the floor! Colten throws Bronson into the steel steps shoulder-first but soon enough they’re inside and slugging it out and Bear hits a big flapjack! Right hand drops Billy back to the floor, handful of hair, off the ropes, Austin Gunn trips the Bear up and Colten catches him...

Gunn Club win by pinfall with Colt 45 from Colten Gunn on Bear Bronson.

Post-match, Sting comes to the stage and Darby Allin takes Austin out like a freight train when he tries to rush the Icon!

They hit the ring and the Gunn Club disperse.

We get a hype reel for Battle of the Belts, live on TNT January 8.

Adam Cole and Bobby Fish cut a promo.

They talk about how everything has sucked lately and they’re practically family when Best Friends walk past.

The teams bicker and Cole says they’ll prove they’re the real best friends around here, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Tony Schiavone presides over Team Taz’s contract offer to Dante Martin.

Taz tells Lio Rush he has no idea why he’s here and Lio says anything Dante goes through him. Martin goes to sign the contract and Lio tells him he doesn’t want any part of it, but Dante takes the pen and signs the contract anyway, leaving with Team Taz to Rush’s shock and dismay.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD gets an inset promo where she talks about how pleased she’ll be to no longer be the only champ in Team DMD.

Jamie Hayter vs. Thunder Rosa (AEW TBS Championship Tournament Quarterfinals)

Collar and elbow, struggling into the corner, Hayter breaks dirty with a slap and Rosa gives it right back to her! To the floor, brawling hard, back inside with Jamie in control and putting boots to her! Thunder firing back with punches, dropkick to the back with Hayter in the ropes, and a dropkick through her!

To the floor again, throwing Jamie into the barricade, dropkick through the ropes, Thunder dives off the apron and Hayter catches her and rams her into the post as we go to break!

Back from commercial, up in the corner with dueling chants, jockeying for position, Rosa knocks her down and hits a missile dropkick! Thunder pulling herself up in the corner, charging in, corner lariat, slingshot knees! Hesitation dropkick follows, cover... NOPE!

Backbreaker cuts Thunder off, cover for two, rear chinlock with a knee to the back, wrenching her up and putting her in agony! Batting at her with palm strikes to break, Russian legsweep block and they trade right hands in frustration! Elbow to the kidneys from Jamie, float over the suplex, Russian legsweep connects!

Roll through, the Peruvian necktie is locked on and Hayter’s tapping but Rebel runs interference and Britt Baker breaks up the hold! Malfunction at the junction, Britt nails Jamie with a superkick, Thunder with a casadora...

Thunder Rosa wins by pinfall with a victory roll pin.

Post-match, Hayter takes issue with Baker and storms off on her own.

Commentary gives us a look at the current state of the TBS Championship bracket.

Chris Jericho is interviewed backstage.

He says tonight is Thanksgiving eve, right here in Chicago, and he gets cut off by the arrival of 2.0 and Daniel Garcia.

He calls them jackasses and tells them to go to the hardware store to buy things to protect themselves for when Eddie Kingston breaks into their homes tomorrow and kicks their turkey asses. He talks about how square Matt Lee’s head is and says if they ever interrupt him again, he’ll knock their teeth down their throat.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we have Tony Schiavone, Dr. Britt Baker, DMD, and Rebel hanging out at the Friendgiving table.

Britt says things started off horrible with Thunder Rosa winning, but positive thinking, one thing has gone right, and that’s that she’s still the women’s champion. Tony is thankful for his friends at the table here but he’s got some bad news, he has to show some video of Riho never being eliminated at All Out.

So on Friday, Riho gets a non-title match against Britt, and if she wins, she gets a title shot. Baker doesn’t like it but Tony tells her it’s been booked, and she tells him he’s ruined Halloween AND Thanksgiving, so he’s not invited to Christmas.

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana

Collar and elbow, Danielson right into a wristlock, Cabana reverses with a leg pick into a front chancery. Cross armbar from Bryan but Colt gets right in the ropes! Back to the lockup, Dragon with a side headlock, reversed to a hammerlock, reversed to a standing surfboard and Cabana reverses that!

Into a modified Romero Special, Danielson slips out and hits leg kicks and chops in the corner! Brutal kicks in the middle of the ring, going chop for uppercut, the crowd getting behind Colt as Bryan continues to brutalize him! Sidestep the corner dropkick, Cabana’s feeling it!

Flip, Flop, & Fly, Flying Asshole sidestepped and Danielson hits a German suplex on him! Corner dropkick, chest kicks, back suplex lift puts Colt in the turnbuckles and Bryan climbs to join him. Clawing the nose, getting under him but Cabana blocks the back superplex with punches!

Perching, big boy moonsault... NOT ENOUGH! Short-arm elbows, Dragon trips him into the wrist-clutch stomps! Rolling him through, omoplata and flexing...

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson wins by submission with the LeBell Lock.

Post-match, Danielson takes his sweet time breaking the hold and then finds a tooth(!) on the mat, to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Tony Schiavone interviews the American Dragon in the ring.

He says it’s funny, because when he debuted in Chicago he got a much different reaction than the boos he’s getting tonight, and he wonders if it’s him or the crowd. He has one word to describe that, “fickle”, and he is not fickle. He said he was gonna kick Colt Cabana’s head in, and not only did he kick his head in, he kicked his tooth out.

Next week they’re in Atlanta, and there are several Dark Order guys from Atlanta, so he’ll kick any of their heads in, all leading up to the ultimate head-kicking of “Hangman” Adam Page.

Enter Hangman Page.

He says he gets it and Danielson did what he said he would, but that’s where it’s gonna end, because he’s ready to defend the title right here and now against him. Danielson says of course he’d say that after Bryan already wrestled a match, and that’s not cowboy shit, that’s coward shit.

Adam says if he doesn’t want to do the match right now, well, he’s not leaving Chicago without a fight, and since Danielson just had a match, he’ll make it fair and give him the first shot.

Bryan tells him not to insult him like that and hauls off with a palm strike! We got a brawl! Dragon dumps him to the apron, Page gets a boot up and throws Buckshot but Danielson runs away!

Commentary hypes up the announced matches for this week’s Rampage and next week’s Dynamite.

We get a Ruby Soho vs. Kris Statlander hype reel.

The heel team make their entrances and we go to break.

Andrade el Idolo, FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood), & Malakai Black vs. Cody Rhodes & Death Triangle (PAC, Penta el Zero M, & Rey Fenix)

Rhodes and Harwood to start, feeling out, collar and elbow, side headlock, shot off, drop down, leapfrog, stalemate! Dax with a side headlock this time, shot off, shoulder block, drop down, leapfrog, front kick into a front chancery, slingshot suplex blocked, O’Connor roll denied, Cody with the dropdown slap!

Big body slam, tag to PAC! Elbow for chop, the Bastard chopping him down, Harwood with a back suplex and a tag! Wheeler misses an elbow, PAC with an arm drag, arm wringer, Cash gets away and promptly gets run over by a big boot! Body slam, tag to Penta, assisted dropkick connects to a sensitive place!

Trading strikes, Penta lays him out with a superkick, Cero Miedo, off the ropes, Wheeler with a lariat and a tag to Andrade, cover... NOPE! Fenix tags in, to the apron off a whip, enzuigiri staggers el Idolo, springboard tijeras, dropkick, cover, still not enough!

Rhodes tags in and immediately finds himself isolated in the corner as the match breaks down! Suplex lift, Cody tags out to Fenix, handspring into a double Ace Crusher that takes both FTRs out! Overhand chop to Black, escalera into a tijeras on Andrade! Kick combo for Malakai, but he catches the next one and lands an STO as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Wheeler tearing at Fenix’s mask, he gets away and lands a wicked crescent kick that leaves both men down and out and crawling for tags! Penta in on Andrade, big crossbody, la casadora into a double DDT on both FTRs! Up and over lungblower, cover... ANDRADE KICKS OUT!

Palm strike, PAC tags in, missile dropkick, big boot, corkscrew uppercut, cleaning house, snap German suplex for Black! Sasuke Special takes FTR out! Throwing el Idolo back in, Malakai runs interference, slingshot in, rolling solebutt kick combo, sliding boot but Wheeler catches him with a fireman’s carry backbreaker!

The match breaks down into “everybody do something cool” territory, and an errant superkick from Rhodes takes the Bastard out! Inverted headlock elbow drop from Andrade on Cody, belly-to-belly suplex on PAC! Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson slide in the ring and square up!

They send Jose packing, the match goes back into pyrotechnics, Lucha Brothers clean FTR out of the ring and dive after them! Black with the mist to PAC, a boot to Rhodes...

Andrade el Idolo, FTR, & Malakai Black win by pinfall with the hammerlock DDT from Andrade on PAC.

The heels celebrate in the ring.

That’s the show, folks.

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