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Jim Ross hopes to work through radiation treatments for skin cancer

Last month, Jim Ross learned he has skin cancer for a second time. On the latest edition of his Grillin’ JR podcast, the AEW announcer & WWE Hall of Famer talked more about the situation, and revealed the treatment he’ll be getting in the weeks to come.

“I’m pretty good. I have this little cancer issue I’m trying to deal with. I’m going to start doing radiation soon. I have to do 22 radiation treatments. Somehow I have to figure out how to do it on consecutive days. They would like to do it every day for I think 3 weeks, or whatever it is, maybe longer than that. I haven’t kept track. It’s inevitable. It’s coming. I have to deal with it. I haven’t found myself buried in the minutia of whether this is happening or that is happening.

“I don’t plan on missing any work according to my doctors, so that’s good. It’s just a matter of dealing with the issues, gritting your teeth, and moving on. That’s kind of what I’m doing. I really appreciate all the fans who have reached out on social media and so forth giving me their encouragement, prayers and so forth. I didn’t get the worst kind of skin cancer. Whatever that is, I don’t have. It’s one of those deals. It’s part of the journey. I have to deal with it and I will deal with it. No doubt about it. It’s just a pain in the a*s to get all these treatments.

“The good thing is there’s no chemotherapy, so that helps with all the after effects and things of that nature. I’m handling it. I’m dealing with it. I’ve dealt with more and will continue to persevere.”

When Ross talks about hardships he’s lived through, he’s not telling tale tales. In addition to that previous bout of skin cancer, JR has Bell’s Palsy, and lost his wife after she was struck by a car while riding her scooter back in 2017. He remembered Jan during this edition of Grillin’ JR as well.

In that tragic instance, Ross said working was therapeutic for him. Here’s hoping he’s able to keep calling wrestling every week as he gets through this, too.

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