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Darby Allin’s body is a missile

Over the years, I watched enough CM Punk and Dean Ambrose doing really soft, slow suicide dives to make me never want to see that particular move again. I’m not even trying to single them out, necessarily, just that those are two who come to mind when considering how bad it can look.

Look at this:

It looks like he slowly goes through the ropes before gently pushing his opponent. To be fair, there aren’t many wrestlers who are able to fly through the ropes with the kind of violence, speed, and momentum to make it worthwhile.

Which brings me to Darby Allin, and this suicide dive he hit on MJF during their match at Full Gear last night (Sat., Nov. 13, 2021) in Minneapolis:

Commentary said it best, that man turned his own body into a missile. That genuinely looks like a painful experience for MJF, and an equally painful experience for Allin. This, of course, is part of what makes Darby credible no matter the size of his opponent. He just throws his body at people and counts on surviving the crash.

It makes for some fantastic offense that deserves singling out and praising.

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