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CM Punk explains John Cena homage at Full Gear


During his match against Eddie Kingston at Full Gear last night (Sat., Nov. 13, 2021) in Minneapolis, CM Punk went into the Five Moves of Doom and came just short of doing the Five Knuckle Shuffle. It was a fun little homage to a former rival, John Cena, that the live audience ate up.

So what prompted as much?

When asked about it, and the larger response from the crowd, who cheered Kingston and at times loudly booed Punk, he had this to say at the post-show media scrum:

“I have one boss when I’m in the ring, right? I often like to say I have no boss when I’m in the ring but the truth is (it’s) the people. I listen to them. And sometimes I go with the flow and I let them take me places and sometimes, you know, regardless of the seven year gap, I’ve been doing this a minute. I know what I’m doing. For me, it’s fun just to fuck with people. That’s the whole juice for me, right? It’s getting reactions, it’s getting different reactions and getting to play with that.”

That is indeed one of the beautiful things about pro wrestling, and Punk having the freedom to work around the crowd is equally beautiful. It gave us not just a great match, but great moments within that match.

We can definitely see that.

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