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AEW Full Gear 2021 results: Hangman Page takes the World title from Kenny Omega

Hangman Page rode down the streets of Minneapolis into Target Center for his AEW World title match at Full Gear. He passed billboards for the show, and videos of his journey to the biggest match of his career.

Champion Kenny Omega is no stranger to the main event, and was all business as he walked out with Don Callis. He didn’t seem fazed that the crowd was firmly behind the Anxious Millenial Cowboy, but there may have been an appearance by his own insecurity when he went face-to-face with Page’s lack of the same.

Interference from Callis allowed Omega time to put that aside and let his own talent take over.

Hangman didn’t get here by folding early, though. The challenger fought back with big moves like a suicide dive elbow and a moonsault...

...but Kenny hasn’t held the belt for almost a year by caving at the first sign of adversity, either. He came back with big moves like this springboard Liger Bomb.

The two former tag partners traded big shots, and took turns biting each other’s foreheads. Page pulled out moves like an avalanche blockbuster and a lariat off the top through a table on the outside. But in trying to hit his Buckshot Lariat finisher, Omega was one step ahead, pulling referee Paul Turner in to take the move in his stead.

Callis used that opportunity to get involved again, and Omega took that opening to try to use the belt as a weapon. Hangman evaded to hit Deadeye, but by the time back-up official Aubrey Edwards ran in to count, Kenny recovered enough to kick out before three.

Both men were weary after an exchange of V-Trigger knees and forearms & lariats, and that was when The Young Bucks made their entrance. Kenny’s current and Hangman’s former Elite brothers only watched as the men in the ring continued to trade moves. It looked like they might get involved, but Nick Jackson paused as Page hit a Buckshot Lariat that wobbled Omega. His brother Matt just nodded to the cowboy, and after another Buckshot, it was over.

Hangman’s old friends left, and his new friends the Dark Order flooded the ring to celebrate with the fourth ever AEW World champion. A years long story paid off - just the way it should have.

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