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AEW Full Gear 2021 results, live streaming match coverage

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All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling returns to pay-per-view TONIGHT (Sat., Nov. 13, 2021) with Full Gear. The show comes our way from Target Center in Minneapolis.

A free pre-show, The Buy In, will stream live and free starting at 7:30pm Eastern / 4:30pm Pacific on All Elite’s YouTube channel (or you can watch it right here at Cageside Seats).

In the U.S. & Canada, the main card is available at on Bleacher Report and via cable & satellite providers for $49.99. Internationally, it’s $19.99 on

To get you ready for tonight, there are detailed previews and predictions for each match in this stream right here.

Cageside Seats will provide LIVE match-by-match coverage of Full Gear below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!



Well, raise ‘em high and string ‘em up, we’ve gotcha, now you’re good as dead. From the gallows to your grave, it’s gonna take your life away. Crime they say, does not pay, and you’re the living proof, but me? I’m just liveblogging this here pro wrestling show with my wife and both of my lovely girlfriends at my side.

We go live in the ring with Tony Schiavone and Dante Martin.

Tony talks about how Lio Rush couldn’t be on Rampage last night because his grandmother passed and says Team Taz has offered Dante a spot.

Martin says he’s had just under 24 hours to think about it—

Enter the Acclaimed, trying to recruit Dante and riffing on the number of times Lio Rush has retired. Anthony Bowens starts to run down the list of potential alliances when a “shut the fuck up” chant goes up in the crowd. He says he will not and pitches Martin on joining the Acclaimed.

But he wants to make himself clear, if he’s not with them, he’s against them, and they’ll send him home crying. Dante pops him on... BRILLO MARTIN TAKES THE HEELS OUT!

Hikaru Shida & Thunder Rosa vs. Jamie Hayter & Nyla Rose

Rosa and Rose to start, Thunder throwing the flower from her hair at Hayter in the circling, Nyla with a side headlock, wrenching it in, shot off, shoulder block. Drop down, off the ropes, fireman’s carry, Rosa slips out, sunset flip for one! La Casadora into a sunset flip!

Tag to Shida, quick tags, trying to double-team the Native Beast and she suplexes both of them! Double dropkick, but Rosa flies too close to the corner and Jamie tags in to work her over. The two of them brawling in the corner, Hikaru tags back in and cleans hosue with kicks!

Roundhouse kick, off the ropes but Rosa low-bridges Shida to the floor! She says she’s going to help her up, but to the contrary, drops Hikaru with a lariat and puts boots to her with Hayter’s aid! Back inside, cover, we see Serena Deeb watching the match from ringside, knee lifts and a tag to Jamie.

Hayter working Shida over, reverse chinlock applied, distracting referee Mike Posey while Nyla bites her forehead! Tag in, scoop and a slam, baiting Rosa into trying to run in to keep Posey distracted! Shida running hot but Jamie cuts her off with an STO backbreaker... NOPE!

German suplex gets some breathing room, tags made! Rosa in on Rose, duckign a lariat, punches into the corner, leaping clothesline in the turnbuckles into slingshot knees! Shotgun dropkick takes Hayter out... HESITATION DROPKICK! Late cover... JAMIE BREAKS IT UP!

Stereo kicks from the babyfaces send the heels to the floor, stereo crossbodies follow! Vickie Guerrero with a kendo stick shot to Hikaru’s knee while she’s jawing with Serena on the floor, Nyla brings her back in and sets her up top before tagging Hayter. Superplex into the diving splash... THUNDER ROSA BREAKS IT UP!

Shrugging her off, Nyla lifts her up for the Beast Bomb, countered into a Frankensteiner, bridging...

Hikaru Shida & Thunder Rosa win by pinfall with a bridging jackknife pin from Shida on Nyla Rose.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Best Friends to interview Orange Cassidy.

Tony tells us that Butcher and the Blade will wrestle Orange and a partner of his choose on Dynamite. Cassidy says he could pick one of his friends here but they’re working hard and he’s giving them the night off, so he looked up who all is in CHAOS on Ask Jeeves and he might have to bring one of his dogs instead.

(Oh shit, “Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii teaming with Orange Cassidy?!)

Jim Ross enters and hypes up the card to close our pre-show out.

The show opens with commentary doing another quick rundown of the card.

Darby Allin vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Circling, Friedman keeping his distance and keeping it cocky, collar and elbow into a headlock takeover! Another headlock takeover, like he’s Ed “Strangler” Lewis over here, Allin with a drop toehold, Max reverses to a wristlock, reversed back, back to the headlock!

Headlock shot off, drop down, leapfrog, test of strength, double pins, double bridges, jockeying for position, Monkey Flip, Darby lands on his feet, backflip up and over, arm drag, stereo kip-ups and a stalemate! MJF fuming in the corner, action to the floor, Friedman lays Allin out and does the Fargo Strut!

Putting him back inside, Darby off the ropes with a tope suicida! Putting Max on the apron, clubbing blows, stomps, Allin goes up top... COFFIN DROP BUT MJF ROLLS AWAY AND DARBY EATS THE APRON HARD! Cover for two, Friedman working a kneeling surfboard but Darby bridges out and hits an upkick for separation!

Argentine backbreaker rack drop gets Max a two count, hard whip, another one reversed, backsplash but Friedman catches him and follows it up with a backbreaker before hossing him around for a slam... NOPE! Another backbreaker but MJF seems to hurt his knee. After a brief respite, putting boots to Darby, punches in the corner, briting his forehead!

Up top, jockeying for position, Allin returns the favor with the bite, going for the Diamond Dust but Max blocks it. Darby blocks a Tombstone attempt and hits the Diamond Dust! Moving MJF into position for the Coffin Drop but he rolls away! Headlock takeover, cover for two, shot off... POWERBOMB BACKBREAKER GETS MAX A TWO COUNT!

Disdainful boots, left hands, biting Darby’s hand but he reverses and hits a headbutt! Thumb to the eye gets a basement dropkick, Yoshi Tonic... SOMEHOW MJF REVERSES IT INTO A POWERBOMB OF HIS OWN! Max does a Scorpion Deathlock, Allin slips out and fights back with elbows, chop block follows!

Friedman recovers, off the top, double stomp to the elbow, up and over, Darby with another chop block, roll-through into the figure four leglock! Max down for a two count, referee Bryce Remsburg right on top of the count, Friedman rolls it over and reverses the pressure but Allin grabs the ropes!

To the apron, Darby laying punches in, jockeying for position... MJF HITS A TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER ON THE APRON! BUT HIS BUM KNEE GIVES OUT ON HIM AND HE CAN’T CAPITALIZE! Friedman rolls inside, Remsburg’s count gets to nine... ALLIN ROLLS BACK IN AND BEATS THE COUNT!

MJF clutching his knee, Bryce checks on him as he gets up on one foot, limping and weak, drawing Darby up, suplex blocked, reversed into a small package! Backslide follows, another small package, reversals on reversals, rolling around the ring, double pin... NOT ENOUGH!

Headlock takeover, Allin with one of his own, reversed, headscissors counter, bridging out, powerbomb lift, reversed into a Yoshi Tonic... MAXWELL JACOB FRIEDMAN KICKS OUT AT THE LAST FRACTION OF A SECOND! Darby back up top but MJF rolls to the floor. Allin repositions... COFFIN DROP TO THE FLOOR!

Back inside... ANOTHER COFFIN DROP BUT MAX GETS THE KNEES UP! Shawn Spears comes down for MJF but Sting is there with the bat to cut him and Wardlow off both! The Icon wails on Spears with his own chair! Victory roll, reversed, nope! Back heel kick and again MJF’s injured knee refuses to let him follow it up!

He goes and gets Darby’s skateboard and uses it as a crutch to return to the ring! Referee Bryce Remsburg warns him to think about it and he simply rolls it to Allin! He’s giving him one good shot to get disqualified! Begging him to hit him, Darby thinks about it and raises it up but gives it to Bryce instead!

MJF gets the Dynamite Diamond Ring out and punches Allin...

Maxwell Jacob Friedman wins by pinfall with a side headlock takeover.

We see Team Taz still scouting from their skybox.

FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) vs. Lucha Brothers (Penta el Zero M & Rey Fenix) (c) (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

All-out brawling at the bell, FTR sends Fenix to the floor with a back body drop and we end up with Harwood on Penta. Penta does the Cero Miedo and we get a slugfest! Shot off, kick caught, snap schoolboy from Dax, trying to get an early win! Both teams square up again, referee Rick Knox desperately trying to maintain control!

Fenix in with Wheeler now, forearms and uppercuts from the challenger, springboard lucha arm drag and Penta runs in to clean house as well! Penta slides out to the floor and gets thrown into the barricade! Rey with a plancha, he gets caught and thrown into his own brother!

Back inside, FTR grinding Fenix down with quick tags, but he gets away on a missed dropkick and Penta comes in hot! Sling Blade on Wheeler, double suplex blocked, Fenix shoves FTR into each other, back suplex into the turnbuckles and FTR are stacked up for Rey to monkey flip his brother into them!

Stereo superkicks, cover... NOPE! Targeting Harwood’s knee, Rey with a tilt-a-whirl Cobra Twist as Penta grabs an arm-trap crossface! Leg kick, mounted punches, but Wheeler cuts him off by pulling him into what is functionally a Hot Shot! Cash tying Penta’s mask to the ropes while Dax keeps referee Rick Knox busy!

Rick unties him while Harwood stomps his head over and over, catapult into the middle rope as FTR mock Cero Miedo! Working Penta over at length, eventually he gets a DDT in and the path is clear! Fenix in, kicks aplenty, he pops up after a right hand and hits a rolling thunder Ace Crusher on both guys... NOT ENOUGH!

Running kick to the side of the head, lining Harwood up, rolling DDT blocked, sunset flip blocked, Penta takes Wheeler out with a scorpion kick, Fenix with an O’Connor roll, Cash cracks him with the AAA tag title, Harwood with a brainbuster... REY FENIX WILL NOT STAY DOWN!

Fenix fighting them both off, assisted back suplex... STILL NO! Double whip, blind tag from Penta, Big Rig blocked, Penta lays Dax out with a superkick and gives him the Cero Miedo, but Tully Blanchard grabs his leg to run interference! Harwood with a right hook, mocking Eddie Guerrero sixteen years to the day with the Three Amigos, but Pentagon blocks the third!

Penta does the tribute right and hits the Three Amigos to absolutely thunderous “Eddie!” chants! Rey off the top, frog splash... NOT ENOUGH TO KEEP DAX HARWOOD DOWN! Fenix with a crescent kick to Wheeler, up top, but Cash returns in time to cut him off! Dax wobbly on his feet, another right hook... SPIKE PILEDRIVER AND SOMEHOW REY FENIX KICKS OUT!

Dax and Fenix trading right hands, assisted brainbuster blocked, small package for two! Underhooks, assisted Fear Factor... SOMEHOW FTR KICK OUT! They put on the Super Ranas masks to try and cheat a win but Cash gets caught out with his feet on the ropes as the illegal man!

Lucha Brothers get him up...

Lucha Brothers win by pinfall on Cash Wheeler to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. Miro (AEW World Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament Finals)

Dragon trying to mat wrestle early, Miro shrugs him off with superior strength, Danielson shifts to strikes, cravate knee, chops and uppercuts, side headlock, back into a cravate for more striking! Leg kicks, side headlock into the cravate again but the Redeemer crumples him with a single stiff elbow to the midsection!

Bryan to the floor, pulling his knees up to catch his breath, he cautiously returns to the ring, another elbow to the midsection, backflip up and over but Miro stepped back! Danielson adjusts, chest kicks in the corner, tornado DDT blocked, leg pick, the Redeemer fights out and shoulder blocks him hard!

Stomping away, off the ropes, duck under, Axe Bomber connects! Running dropkick, Miro falls to the floor, Danielson goes for a dive but gets cut off and the Redeemer lays him out on the floor! Throwing Dragon into the steel steps, catching him with a suplex as soon as he returns to the ring!

Another suplex, a cover for two, reverse chinlock applied, taking Bryan into the corner and hammering him with strikes and choking him! Wristlock, drawing him up, hammer whip, the Redeemer on the prowl but Danielson turns him around for chops and kicks in the corner! Shoved back, big corner dropkicks!

Samoan drop from Miro, cover for two and he throws Bryan hard into the post and crashing to the floor. Following after, beating him down, but Dragon puts him head-first into the post and nails him with the running knee off the apron! Back inside, missile dropkick, chest kicks, following it up with a kneebar in the middle of the ring!

The Redeemer manages to post to his feet and counter with a Karelin lift! A German suplex follows, Danielson lands on his feet on a back suplex, roundhouse kick... A DEEP TWO! Front chancery with knees to the dome and to the ribs, double wrist clutch, the “YOU’RE GONNA GET YOUR [REDACTED] HEAD KICKED IN!” stomps!

Lying in wait... MIRO COUNTERS THE BUSAIKIU KNEE INTO A POWERBOMB BUT CAN’T PUT THE AMERICAN DRAGON AWAY! The Redeemer gets mad, stomp to the back, Danielson fighting to block Game Over but Miro gets it! Dragon fighting, he gets to his knees and springs to the ropes! Wristlock, stomps to the back, Bryan reverses into the LeBell Lock!

Miro fights back and reverses but he’s running out of gas and Danielson gets the triangle choke! Overhead elbows... THE REDEEMER COUNTERS BY TRYING TO GOUGE BRYAN’S EYES OUT! Danielson with uppercuts, Miro standing up straight, Bryan with a rolling elbow but the Redeemer drops him with a single forearm!

Offering Bryan a free shot, he takes it, Miro shrugs them off and kicks him in the kidneys! Miro wants some more, Danielson obliges him, they end up in the turnbuckles and jockeying for position... TORNADO DDT! GUILLOTINE CHOKE APPLIED! IT’S OVER!

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson wins by submission with a guillotine choke to become #1 contender to the AEW World Championship.

Christian Cage & Jurassic Express (“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry & Luchasaurus) vs. SuperKliq (Adam Cole, Matt Jackson, & Nick Jackson) (Falls Count Anywhere Match)

All-out chaos to start, the Bucks get isolated on the floor and Luchasaurus moonsaults on them from the apron! Cole and Cage getting into it, looking for finishers early but it’s not happening! Adam with a superkick to cut off mounted punches, Perry in, double arm drag on the Bucks but they land on their feet and take him out!

Cole throws a chair at Luchasaurus and squares up with Jungle Boy! Jack has the chair, Cole ducks it, off the ropes, leapfrog and Perry throws the chair at his face! Jungle Boy blocks an attempt to put him into a chair but Adam nails him with a knee to the face! Christian with an inverted DDT on the chair!

Bucks back in, Luchasaurus puts Nick into the corner and stacks Matt on top of him... THE DINOSAUR MAN GERMAN SUPLEXES BOTH YOUNG BUCKS! COLE BRAINS LUCHASAURUS WITH A TRASH CAN! Jungle Boy cuts him off with a suicide dive, a second one, he goes for a tope con giro and the Bucks cut him off!

Matt with a missile dropkick, Luchasaurus hits him with the trash can and covers him for two! Cole and dino man trading shots, assisted full nelson facebuster into a steel chair! Babyfaces getting a table set up on the floor, sliding chairs inside, Jungle Boy pulls Cole out from under the ring and he’s wearing the crimson mask!

Throwing him inside, Cage directs traffic and gives Perry a chair to Con-Chair-To Adam with but he hesitates and the Elite cut him off! The match into a desultory brawling phase but it wakes back up with the diving Frankensteiner over the ropes and through the table!Matt with a diving elbow in the aftermath!

Cage up in the concourse with Nick, brawling, he climes up a railing and onto a balcony... PLANCHA OFF THE BALCONY BUT NICK JACKSON KICKS OUT! Fighting down the steps, dumping Jackson over the barricade and back into the ringside area! Christian goes after Matt but gets whipped into the steel steps!

Perry inside, baseball slide... ADAM COLE CATCHES HIM AND WHEELBARROW SUPLEXES HIM INTO THE APRON! Cole throws a bag of tacks into the ring and Matt gives Nick a handful, they fill Jungle Boy’s mouth with tacks, off the ropes a few times and the Bucks kiss Cole before hitting the double superkicks!

Cover... CHRISTIAN CAGE BREAKS IT UP! Matt choking him in the ring, Nick gets a ladder out and slides it in the ring and they put Christian into it a few times! He blocks a trash can shot and grabs it, hitting the Bucks repeatedly before tornado DDTing Nick Jackson into the ladder!

Luchasaurus in, boots for everybody but Adam cuts him off with a pump kick! Panama Sunrise blocked, Cole reverses but the dinosaur throws him into the ladder anyway! Luchasaurus under some chair shots, he chokeslams Nick into the ladder and follows it with a moonsault... MATT BREAKS IT UP WITH A TRASH CAN SHOT!

Whacking the dino with the can, superkick connects, Matt tries to run away but Jungle Boy gets the Snare Trap on him on the stage! Cole breaks it up, Killswitch blocked, Luchasaurus with goozles but Adam comes in with a low blow! Cage runs into a superkick, Matt dives on the dino!

Cole and Jungle Boy into it, up on some scaffolding... PANAMA SUNRISE ON THE STAIRS BUT LUCHASAURUS COMES FROM OUT OF NOWHERE TO BREAK IT UP! Bucks with superkick, the Elite get out tack-studded kneepads, holding Luchasaurus up... TACK-STUDDED BTE TRIGGER BUT JUNGLE BOY WON’T LET IT END LIKE THAT!

Cage with a spear, Luchasaurus chokeslams Cole into the Bucks... BIG DINO SHOOTING STAR PRESS OFF THE STAGE! Christian wants the Con-Chair-To, Jungle Boy says he’ll do it... CON-CHAIR-TO ON MATT JACKSON AND IT IS OVER!

Christian Cage & Jurassic Express win by pinfall with a Con-Chair-To from “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry on Matt Jackson.

Andrade el Idolo & Malakai Black vs. Cody Rhodes & PAC

Andrade and PAC to start, el Idolo goes and shoves Rhodes to try and get in his head! It works, because Cody immediately tags in! The Bastard tags back, Andrade cuts him off with a forearm and they go forearm-for-forearm! PAC with a pump kick, boots in the corner, whip reversed, up and over, rolling solebutt!

Cycling through some tags, back and forth, Rhodes with a Flair Flip and el Idolo joins him to slug it out on the apron! Andrade’s assistant grabs the boot, back inside and right out again as Cody dives on him! Back in, snap scoop powerslam, collar and elbow and PAC tags in!

Black in as well, collar and elbow, go-behind, back elbow and Malakai knocks him down! Isolating PAC, quick tags, he gets away and tags Rhodes in. Cody Cutter connects, Cross Rhodes denied, underhooks, Malakai fights him off and the Bastard tags back in!

Black Mass tags Cody off his feet but PAC is legal! Off the ropes, Frankensteiner sends el Idolo to the floor and the Bastard hits an Asai Moonsault on both guys! Jose getting into it with Arn Anderson, but Arn drops him with with a forearm and brawls him to the back!

PAC throws Black back inside, Cody finally recovering, Andrade shoves the Bastard off the top and face-first into a boot! El Idolo with a tornillo to take PAC out, fireman’s carry... SNAKE EYES INTO THE BARRICADE! Back inside, Malakai brawling PAC around the ring, tag to Andrade, split-legged moonsault... NOPE!

Trading forearms, PAC with a snap German suplex off the ropes! Ringside doctor checking on Rhodes, Andrade with a DDT on the apron! Malakai tags in, inside cradle from PAC, superkick, Rhodes is back up on the apron and he wants the tag! Tags made, Cody in hot with punches, Flip, Flop, & Fly!

Andrade ducks a lariat, Rhodes lands on his feet off a back suplex, Beautiful Disaster takes Black off the apron and he crotches el Idolo into the turnbuckles! Inverted facelock up top... INVERTED SUPERPLEX GETS TWO! Figure four leglock blocked, Cody puts his own on but PAC tags in!

Up top, 450 splash... ANDRADE GETS HIS HAND ON THE ROPES! Rolling solebutt sends Black crashing to the floor, the Bastard off the ropes with a Sasuke Special but Cody gets pulled in the way! Malakai with a pump knee into a German suplex... RHODES BREAKS IT UP! Black suplexes Cody over the ropes and to the floor!

Hammerlock, reversed into a small package... NOPE! Overhead belly-to-belly suplex, Poison Frankensteiner, PAC up top...

Cody Rhodes & PAC win by pinfall with the Black Arrow from PAC on Andrade el Idolo.

Post-match, Cash Wheeler comes down and takes Cody Rhodes out!

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD (c) vs. Tay Conti (AEW Women’s World Championship)

Circling, Baker with a schoolboy for one! Hammerlock, side headlock, takeover, omoplata into a crucifix pin, no dice, arm wringer follows but Conti nails her with a forearm to get away! Snapmare into a kneeling surfboard, Britt stands up and reverses, thinking Lockjaw but Tay blocks and we get a stalemate!

A shoving match breaks out, judo throws, front kick, arm wringer into a whip, boot up, Conti with an attempt at the cross armbar on the ropes but Baker blocks and pulls her back up! Knuckle lock, butterfly suplex into overhead elbows! Crucifix pin for two, overhead elbows, cravate applied and knees ensue!

Front kick, drawing her up, forearms in the ropes and Tay fires forearms of her own back! Choking the challenger in the ropes with a single disdainful foot to the back of her head, dragging her around the ring with a handful of hair, fisherman neckbreaker... NOPE!

Thinking Lockjaw but Tay hammers at Britt’s injured hand to keep her from applying it! Running knee, Conti with forearms, big lariats, pump kicks in the corner! Double jump crossbody for two! Ducking and dodging, Tay with a German suplex for a nearfall!

Baker with a hanging neckbreaker out of the corner for two, off the ropes, Conti cuts her off, blocked, blocked, right hand from the challenger sets up a suplex attempt but Baker rolls out and hits the stomp to the back of the head for two! Rebel hands Britt the glove but Tay ducks under and hits a Stunner for two!

Jamie Hayter and Rebel yelling at Conti, brawling on the apron, Gotch piledriver blocked... AIR RAID CRASH ON THE APRON! Britt throws her back inside, cover... STILL NO! Lockjaw applied but Tay is able to get the ropes with ease and break it! Conti shrugs off a kick, Baker rolls her through, backslide for two!

Conti with the TayKO... NOT ENOUGH! Lying in wait, Britt ducks a lariat, superkick, jockeying for position... CONTI WITH THE GOTCH STYLE PILEDRIVER BUT SHE CAN’T KEEP THE GOOD DOCTOR DOWN! Baker with a schoolboy pin, Rebel running interference and Hayter throws Tay into the steel steps!

Britt with a stomp on the steel steps, back inside, another stomp... LOCKJAW IS IN BUT CONTI ROLLS TO THE ROPES! Tay ducks as tomp on the apron and hits a pump kick that sends Baker crashing to the floor! Conti crosses herself and climbs up top... ORIHARA MOONSAULT BUT BRITT ISN’T THERE AND JAMIE AND REBEL TAKE IT!

Tay catches her with an Eye of the Storm type deal and takes her back inside, DDTay... BAKER KICKS OUT! Wristlock kicks, Conti trying to figure out what could end it, Britt reverses, Lockjaw applied in the middle of the ring but she shifts gears to get a pin...

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD wins by pinfall with Lockjaw to retain the AEW Women’s World Championship.

CM Punk vs. Eddie Kingston


Eddie immediately takes things to the floor after the bell, biting and punching, Punk back inside, backing him into the corner with punches and knees! Whip across, rising knee into mounted punches, Kingston fires back with an overhead exploder suplex! Palm strikes in the corner, choking CM in the ropes!

Punk explodes out of the corner with a lariat, mounted punches forcing Eddie to turtle up, pump kick gets Kingston to flip him the bird! Chest kicks, Eddie with an eye poke after shrugging them off! To the apron, leg hook, Punk blocks the exploder, clubbing blows, enzuigiri into a basement dropkick and Kingston crumbles to the floor!

Dragging him up, CM smashes his hand into the steel steps, Eddie goes to punch him with it and immediately regrets it! Kingston puts Punk into the ringpost and rolls back inside to break the count. Punk is busted open and Eddie rubs the blood on his face before trying to tear the mats up.

They won’t come up and CM back body drops to counter and follows it up with a lariat off the apron! Back inside, Punk with a shoulder block, shoulder block, fall-forward Blue Thunder Driver, he puts his hand up but stops short of the “You can’t see me!”

He flips Eddie the bird instead and lays into him with punches! Drawing him up, Punk sings along with the “Eddie!” chants and does the Three Amigos! Up in the corner, Kingston with windmill punches... SUPERPLEX! Both men down and out, rising to their feet at the same time with the Frye/Takayama punches!

Kingston with a boot, the Tenryu enzuigiri, Eddie calls for the Go to Sleep before making a jerk-off motion, CM gets him up... GO TO SLEEEEEP! BUT EDDIE’S IN THE ROPES AND PUNK CAN’T COVER HIM! Punk drags him up, Eddie goes for the backfist again but CM ducks! Elbows, Kingston on his knees, Punk with cravate knees, fireman’s carry...

CM Punk wins by pinfall with the Go to Sleep.

Post-match, Punk offers a handshake but Eddie leaves the ring under his own power without acknowledging him.

As is Minneapolis wrestling tradition, they trot 81-year-old Baron von Raschke out.

American Top Team (Andrei Arlovski, Dan Lambert, & Junior Dos Santos) & Men of the Year (“All Ego” Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky) vs. Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Ortiz, Sammy Guevara, & Santana) (Minneapolis Street Fight)

Guevara and Sky to start, circling, Sammy in with chops, back elbow, springboard back kick! In control, tag to Ortiz, to Santana, moonsault into a senton into an assisted moonsault, only a nearfall. Double suplexdelayed vertical, Hager tags in and takes it over and completes it but Scorpio runs away and gets the tag!

Arlovski in, trading heavy hands with Jake, Hager with a double leg, ankle lock attempt, Andrei reverses and hits a Samoan drop before tagging Dos Santos in. Whip into double elbows, Jake gets away and tags Jericho in. He starts punching away with Junior, overwhelmed but holding his own, crossbody gets caught and Dos Santos powerslams him!

JDS HITS A STANDING MOONSAULT FOR A SHOCKINGLY DEEP TWO ON THE LEGEND! Tag to Lambert, he comes in all fired up and slaps Chris in the face, but the Inner Circle clear the ring and Dan runs away! Ethan Page is ready with a hockey stick and he nails Jericho with it!

Guevara with a corkscrew dive, Ortiz and Santana with stereo topes con giro, Hager goes up top and dives into the crush! Lambert has a pipe, Hager nails Junior with the can full of plunder and Y2J chases Lamberg off before getting a giant Artist Formerly Known As Prince symbol out from under the ring!

Sky rolls up on him and Jericho cracks him with it, which gets a “Purple Rain!” chant. Brawling continues at length, Page horsecollars Ortiz with a chair and throws him into the ringpost! Men of the Year in the ring with a hockey stick, beating Santana up at length!

Santana fires up with palm strikes, Ortiz returns with a lariat, they put a trash can on All Ego and lay kicks in before walloping the can with a hockey stick! Single-leg crab, Gory Special on Scorpio and Santana grabs a Camel Clutch on Page as well! Guevara in with a football and he spikes it on Sky’s back!

Ethan fires up and calls Arlovski back in, double whip on Ortiz, All Ego whips Andrei into a corner body avalanche! Enzuigiri into a spinebuster... HAGER BREAKS IT UP WITH A TOASTER! Page with a boot up, Sky with a chop block, they put boots to Jake and Jericho comes in with a waterski and wails on Men of the Year with it!

Guevara with a double jump Ace Crusher on both Men of the Year! Santana and Ortiz with an overrotated back suplex on Sky, Sammy with a senton atomico... SO CLOSE! Smashing Dos Santos with a trash can, Guevara gets a table out and sets it up but Arlovski slides right over it and cuts him off!

Hager attacks with a bundt cake pan, All Ego keeps trying to work Guevara over, Jericho comes in, JDS up top, Ortiz cuts him off, Santana joins in the fun... SUPERPLEX! Sammy and Chris set up a giant ladder, Sky on the table, Guevara reveals he’s wearing a metal plate and climbs it... SENTON ATOMICO OFF THE LADDER AND THROUGH THE TABLE!

Ortiz with chair shots to Page, Ethan hoists him up... EGO’S EDGE ON THE FLOOR! All Ego gets in Hager’s wife’s face and asks if she’s enjoying the show... AND BARON VON RASCHKE PUTS HIM IN THE IRON CLAW! SANTANA DUMPS ALL EGO INTO THE CROWD AND TELLS A SECURITY GUARD TO KNEE DOWN FOR POETRY IN MOTION!

Lambert is in the ring taunting when Chris Jericho rolls up behind him and starts laying chops in! A lariat follows, he goes for the Lionsault but Dos Santos clocks him, Dan pins him... NOT ENOUGH! Leg pick, looking for the Walls of Jericho but Y2J gets a kendo stick and waffles him with it!

Kendo stick shots to JDS as well, and Jericho’s got a stapler! He staples Lambert’s gentleman’s area and runs him over with a lariat! Pointing to the heavens, giving a little shimmy for Eddie Guerrero, Chris goes up top... FROG SPLASH! IT’S OVER!

Inner Circle win by pinfall with a frog splash from Chris Jericho on Dan Lambert.

Commentary makes it official, Orange Cassidy is teaming with Tomohiro Ishii against Butcher and the Blade on Dynamite this week!

Tony Schiavone is on the stage and welcomes Jay Lethal to AEW!

Lethal says he’s here because he’s heard about the Forbidden Door and he stepped through it and now it’s official, Jay Lethal is All Elite. And speaking of the open door, he’s heard there’s an open challenge for the TNT Championship, so he’s coming for Sammy Guevara on Dynamite this week!

Sammy comes out and takes the mic and accepts the challenge!

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Kenny Omega (c) (AEW World Championship)

Squaring up and jawing at each other, backing off, circling, collar and elbow, struggling briefly and breaking. Back to the lockup, trading chops with vigor, Omega with a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, Page with chops and forearms in the corner, whip across, corner lariat, whip reversed, Callis trips Hangman up!

Kenny takes advantage with an axehandle, choking Adam in the corner, keeping referee Paul Turner occupied while Don chokes Page some more. Chops in the ropes, clubbing blows, whip reversed, front kick, back body drop to the apron and Hangman hits a triangle lariat! Plancha follows, Page stalks after Callis until he backs off and goes back to the champion.

Omega rams him into the barricade and the apron, straight suplex on the floor! Back inside, Hangman up top, diving crossbody for one. Kenny with a thumb to the eyes, inverted Kotaro Krusher, cover for one, arm wringer and going forearm for forearm. Back elbow sends Page to the floor and Don puts boots to him!

Kenny smashing Hangman’s face into the steel steps, scraping it across the diamond plate, clawing at his scalp before throwing him back inside. Lying in wait, Omega fakes out a springboard and Adam unloads on him with forearms and chops when he steps through the ropes!

Whip across, up and over, Kenny snaps off a Frankensteiner! Calling for the Terminator dive, and he gets it! Back inside, fireman’s carry, Finlay Roll into the double jump moonsault but Page gets the boots up! Big boot takes the champion out, chops and forearms in the ropes, duck the lariat, crossbody caught and converted into a fallaway slam!

Kip-up from the challenger, fired up, suicide dive, Orihara moonsault follows it up! Throwing Omega back inside, front kick, sheerdrop brainbuster connects... NOPE! Setting Kenny up top, jockeying for position... OMEGA HITS A SPRINGBOARD POWERBOMB!

Dragon suplex follows, looking for another, Hangman blocks it at first but the second try goes through! To the apron, Kenny completes the trifecta with a Dragon suplex on the apron! V-Trigger in the ropes, electric chair, reversed into a victory roll... SO CLOSE! Duck a lariat, release German suplex, thinking Deadeye but Omega reverses to the Jay Driller... NOT ENOUGH!

Punching away, biting Adam’s forehead to open the wound back up, and Page bites him right back in the turnbuckles! Perching up top... MOONSAULT FALLAWAY SLAM CAN’T KEEP KENNY OMEGA DOWN! Kenny goes to the floor, Hangman goes up top and peels the turnbuckle cam off so he can perch on the post... DIVE FROM THE POST THROUGH THE TIMEKEEPER’S TABLE!

Omega dazed in the middle of the ring, Page is ready to hit Buckshot when he crumbles to his knees! He heads inside, finger guns, V-Trigger denied, Dragon suplex denied, off the ropes, rolling elbow, off the ropes, pop-up powerbomb! To the apron, Buckshot but Omega pulls referee Paul Turner in the way and he takes the whole lariat!

Don Callis slides in the ring with the title belt but Hangman turns around before he can hit him with it! He knocks Don down with a punch, Kenny has the belt, Page ducks... DEADEYE! REFEREE AUBREY EDWARDS RUNS DOWN TO COUNT IT BUT OMEGA KICKS OUT!

Hangman picks the title up briefly and drops it, Kenny with punches, Adam fires his own right back, pump kick, more right hands form the champion, knocking Page to his knees! V-Trigger, another one, off the ropes for a third but Hangman grabs the knee! Palm strikes, but another V-Trigger cutsh im off in the ropes!

Page with a rolling elbow, another V-Trigger, both men running low, Omega with Kawada kicks but Page fires up and lays him out with a lariat! The Young Bucks make their way down, Kenny with headbutts... BACKDROP DRIVER! But Page pops right back up and hits a Backdrop Driver of his own!

To the apron, big boot, Buckshot... COUNTERED WITH A V-TRIGGER! Slip out of the electric chair... PAGE HITS HIS OWN ONE-WINGED ANGEL FOR A NEARFALL! Nick Jackson advances but Buckshot connects to the back of the head and Kenny is staggered! Matt Jackson around the other side, he nods at Page... BUCKSHOT! IT’S OVER!

“Hangman” Adam Page wins by pinfall with Buckshot to become the new AEW World Champion.

Post-match, Hangman celebrates with the title.

The Dark Order come to the stage to cheer him on and he calls them into the ring!

They all hug and then life Page up on their shoulders!

That’s the show, folks.

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