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Cain Velasquez and LA Park get in a fight at AAA Triplemania Regia press conference

Nothing sells a fight like fisticuffs at a press conference. Cain Velasquez and LA Park did just that by throwing blows at the AAA Triplemania Regia presser.

Velasquez is scheduled for his return to lucha libre on the December 4 show in Monterrey, Mexico. AAA likes to protect his inexperience by booking the former UFC champion in trios bouts with veterans wrestlers. In this case, Velasquez will team with Psycho Clown and Pagano against Rey Escorpion, Taurus, and a surprise luchador. That surprise was revealed to be LA Park. He got the gig based on strong public support for his presence.

When LA Park came out for a face-to-face with Velasquez, activity intensified. LA Park wasn’t there to play games. The fans wanted him, so he won’t let them down. In true LA Park style, he cursed at Velasquez ready to break his face. The MMA fighter didn’t take kindly to such threats, and punches were thrown. The skirmish was quickly broken up as LA Park was escorted off stage.

Hell, yeah. The passion from LA Park and Velasquez has me 100% pumped after that altercation.

Also of note, Kenny Omega will be in the main event slot defending the Megacampeonato against high-flyer extraordinaire Hijo del Vikingo. Omega broke the record for longest reigning Mega champion by eclipsing Texano Jr.’s run of 735 days. Omega’s current tally is 754 days and counting.

The Lucha Bros will receive their official rematch for the AAA tag titles after FTR posed as the Super Ranas in a cheating scheme to win the belts in AEW. If you don’t want to wait for this match, the Lucha Bros defend the AEW tag titles against FTR at AEW Full Gear on November 13.

The full card for AAA Triplemania Regia on December 4 includes:

  • AAA Megacampeonato: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Hijo del Vikingo
  • Psycho Clown, Pagano, & Cain Velasquez vs. Rey Escorpion, Taurus, & LA Park
  • AAA Tag Team Championship: FTR (c) vs. Lucha Bros
  • Psycho Circus (Murder Clown, Monster Clown, & Dave the Clown) vs. La Empresa (Puma King, DMT Azul, & Sam Adonis)
  • Laredo Kid & surprise luchador vs. Dragon Lee & Dralistico
  • Trios #1 contender: Poder del Norte (Mocho Cota Jr., Carta Brava Jr., & Tito Santana) vs. Los Vipers (Psicosis II, Arez, & Abismo Negro Jr.) vs. La Nueva Generacion Dinamita (Sanson, Cuatrero, & Forastero)
  • Lucha Marvel: Leyenda Americana & Gran Mazo vs. Venenoide & Engañoso
  • Faby Apache, Lady Shani, & Sexy Star vs. Las Toxicas (La Hiedra, Flammer, & Lady Maravilla)

Psycho Circus’ feud with La Empresa carries on for a match of honor. At Héroes Inmortales XIV, La Empresa ambushed Monster Clown before the bout. Psycho Clown and Murder Clown didn’t trust Dave the Clown as a replacement, so they entered the cage match one man short. Rudo Dave put himself in anyway and took a noble beating from La Empresa. Now that the clowns are on the same page, they are out for revenge.

Dragon Lee & Dralistico made a dramatic surprise appearance at Héroes Inmortales XIV to challenge the Lucha Bros for the AAA tag titles. When Fenix & Pentagon lost the belts to FTR, that sidelined the lucha libre dream match. With Vikingo competing in the main event, Laredo Kid will have a surprise partner. The winner of this bout should be in position to challenge for the tag belts at a future date.

The winner of the #1 contender trios bout will earn a title shot against Los Mercenarios. The championship crew of Rey Escorpion, Taurus, and La Hiedra recently added Villano III Jr. to their ranks.

AAA continues their promising partnership with Marvel for luchadores based on superheroes and supervillains. The wrestlers in this bout are based on Captain America, Thor, Venom, and Loki.

For the opening women’s bout, it should be pointed out that the Sexy Star character was recast. It is not the same wrestler who made the name famous and infamous. AAA Reina de Reinas champion Deonna Purrazzo was not mentioned during the press conference.

Triplemania Regia takes place from the Palacio Sultán baseball stadium in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. AAA is expecting fan attendance to surpass 17,000. The show will air on delay for TV Azteca in Mexico starting at 11:30 pm ET for December 4. International viewing options remain unlikely.

Did the press conference skirmish sell you on the match with Cain Velasquez and LA Park? Which contests are you most eager to see from Triplemania Regia?

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