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AEW Dynamite recap & reactions (Nov. 10, 2021): Signed in blood

AEW Dynamite (Nov. 10, 2021) emanated from the Indiana Farmers Coliseum in Indianapolis, IN. The show featured Kenny Omega tricking Hangman Page, Lio Rush with an amazing performance, and Chris Jericho being slammed through a table on the go-home to the Full Gear PPV.

Get caught up on all the Dynamite details with the excellent play-by-play from Claire Elizabeth.

Signed in blood

The main event for Full Gear on November 13 is Kenny Omega defending the AEW World Championship against Hangman Page. Naturally, a contract signing was necessary to promote the match. Surely, nothing could go wrong and the paperwork would be completed in a peaceful manner. Nope. That’s why I love contract signings in professional wrestling.

Tony Khan ordered the Dark Order and the Elite to exit the venue in an effort to keep things calm. The instigator turned out to be Don Callis in disguise as a cameraman. He bopped Hangman in the head to open a wound. The champ flushed down any good will he may have had by maniacally signing on the dotted line using Hangman’s blood.

As for the verbal portion of the proceedings, both men spoke of friendship and overcoming obstacles in the quest to attain greatness. Omega was sassy at times, but it felt like he was coming from the heart when wishing his friend the best. That’s what made Omega’s dirty deed so dastardly. He snookered us in with emotion to use as cover for Callis’ callous attack. Hangman didn’t need any more ammunition for fan support, but I am so freaking excited to see him finally have his day as world champ.

Show stealers

Dynamite had several good matches with high-quality wrestling. One bout stood above the rest showing the new age style of freak athleticism mixed with technical prowess. When Lio Rush & Dante Martin clashed with Matt Sydal & Lee Moriarty, there were so many flashy moments that it stole the show.

Let’s run down some select highlights as evidence. Check out the speed on Rush’s movement.

Rush continued his blistering pace for a springboard hurricanrana. Lots of people execute that maneuver, however, Rush added style for a unique sequence.

Martin showed his hops for a big air sunset flip.

Rush was back at it for a session of sprinting offense ending with two suicide dives.

Rush also had a badass corkscrew Unprettier.

In the end, Rush took control with a hook kick to Moriarty’s face. The mentor encouraged his student to finish with a double springboard moonsault to win.

All four men had their moments to shine, but Rush was amazing. He operated on a higher level than the rest. It was interesting how Rush backed up his big talk. For an arrogant persona, he actually turned out to be a good mentor by rallying Martin to hit his finisher for a confidence boost.

Let’s jam through the rest of Dynamite.

Bryan Danielson defeated Rocky Romero. Azucar used sweet mat skills working toward an armbar, but Danielson often had a counter hold up his sleeve, such as the Romero Special.

Danielson closed it out by countering sliced bread into stomping on Romero’s head. That set up Danielson’s transition to the Tequila Sunrise leg submission for victory.

This was a very good battle of strategy with flairs of athleticism. The takeaway was the risky decision for Danielson to compete so close to the tournament final at Full Gear. Romero worked the arm hard enough that Danielson could feel lasting effects against Miro. Romero gave Danielson a run for his money. Enough so that I would consider laying cash on Miro to win. I still think Danielson’s tactical expertise makes him the favorite, so maybe this was just a case of styles making fights more difficult.

Inner Circle ambushed. The Inner Circle was on stage soaking in adulation from the crowd. The segment was supposed to be an in-ring group interview, then boom! Men of the Year and American Top Team attacked from behind. The bad guys issued one-way tickets to beatdown city. The big spot was Men of the Year assisting Dan Lambert on a super powerbomb to Chris Jericho through a table.

Scorpio Sky declared this was just a taste of what they have planned for the ten-man street fight at Full Gear. Ethan Page proclaimed that they will make sure Lambert pins Jericho. For now, they helped Lambert tap out Jericho on a Boston crab.

The bad guys stood tall on the go-home, so you know what that means. The Inner Circle is going to give them a rude awakening at Full Gear. I really hope that was Ethan Page’s street fighting outfit. He did pretty well kicking butt in his walkway model clothes. The professional wrestling street fight gear has been bogged down to dirty jeans and taped fists. Even if Page loses, he can at least look good doing it.

Tay Conti, Anna Jay, & Thunder Rosa defeated Dr. Britt Baker DMD, Reba, & Jamie Hayter. Conti erupted on the hot tag. Shots were exchanged all around. Thunder Rosa took flight for a crossbody to Hayter on the outside. Conti set up her hammerlock DDT on Reba. Baker could have attempted to break it up, but she decided to sacrifice Reba in retreat.

Conti is the next challenger for Baker at Full Gear, however, the crowd was super hot for Thunder Rosa getting hands on the champ. Those two kicked off the bout to a stalemate with dueling chants. If AEW rolls with Thunder Rosa as inaugural TBS champion, then I’m curious to see how long they stall out her feud with Baker. We need Thunder Rosa versus Baker again on a major scale one day.

Jungle Boy defeated Anthony Bowens. Max Caster’s rap dissed JB’s promo skills, his lithe frame, and leaving girlfriend Anna Jay often alone with seven dudes in the Dark Order.

Caster was a nuisance during the bout, so Jungle Boy took him out with a suicide dive. Bowens used that to his advantage for a swinging DDT as JB came back into the ring. Jungle Boy stayed alive and countered into the Snare Trap submission while flipping the bird to Caster. Bowens held out for a bit but ended up tapping out.

Jungle Boy rocked the ring like he always does. Bowens has elevated his game recently. He looked good in losses to both Danielson and Jungle Boy. Having Caster on the outside adds that bad guy heat. If Bowens keeps this level up, he could be a dark horse as a breakout star for 2022.

After the match, Bobby Fish attacked Jungle Boy. Christian Cage and Luchasaurus ran out for the save. Later backstage, it became clear that Fish’s presence was at the request of Adam Cole. Mr. Baybay introduced Fish to the Bucks. References were dropped to past tag team feuds involving reDRagon as well as the Undisputed Era. Despite the tension, Cole’s word on Fish’s character was good enough for the Bucks. Cole suggested Fish dish out pain to Jungle Boy in a match on Rampage.

Wardlow defeated Wheeler Yuta. Yuta tried to stick and move early, but it didn’t take long for Wardlow to seize his prey. Four consecutive powerbombs and the hanging corner knee strike death blow earned the win for Wardlow.

Wardlow was a beast. More, please. I don’t know what Yuta did to deserve that. Nonetheless, Yuta did his job making Wardlow look like an unstoppable menace. Not that Wardlow needed much help.

Earlier, Matt Hardy was ringside for the opener to keep eyes on Orange Cassidy. After this match, he was joined by Blade and Isiah Kassidy to attack the Best Friends. Hardy crushed OC on a Twist of Fate with a chair wrapped around Orange’s neck. Hardy versus Cassidy in a lumberjack match will take place on Rampage.

PAC defeated Dax Harwood. All other wrestlers were banned from ringside to provide a clean contest. The physicality was off the charts with vicious chops, spinebusters, brainbusters, and super moves. PAC took a licking and kept on ticking. He ate several elbow strikes then swiftly used a backslide to transition for the Brutalizer submission. Harwood quickly tapped with the idea that the tag title fight at Full Gear was more important than risking injury in the submission.

In my opinion, PAC is in that handful of wrestlers who are truly the best in the world. Praise to him. Dax Harwood doesn’t compete that often in singles action, but he brings it hard when he does. Harwood is sneaky good in one-on-one action. His matches against PAC and Jungle Boy are top shelf.

Afterward, PAC refused to released the submission. That brought out Cash Wheeler bludgeoning the Bastard to save his teammate. Lights out, lights on. Malakai Black and Andrade were in the ring. Lucha Bros and Cody Rhodes ran in to even the odds. Cody was the final arrival and received a notable volume of cheers. That set up Black & Andrade versus Cody & PAC at Full Gear.

One minor point I’d like to bring up is improvement by referee Aubrey Edwards. Two weeks ago, I criticized her for a weak attempt at doing nothing to protect Hikaru Shida from Serena Deeb’s post-match submission hold. This week, Edwards couldn’t force PAC to let go, but at least she tried to pry his fingers apart. That attention to detail improves the overall illusion of the sport. Well done by Edwards.

Notes: AEW aired mini hype packages for Ruby Soho versus Kris Statlander in the TBS Championship tournament, Kenny Omega versus Hangman Page, CM Punk versus Eddie Kingston, and MJF versus Darby Allin.

Punk and Kingston engaged in a long-distance parking lot skirmish. It didn’t amount to much since so many people were holding them back.

Miro spoke about how hurting Danielson won’t be personal. Danielson is just a body between Miro and his goal. The Redeemer needs to win the tournament and also the world title in order to return to his wife.

Stud of the Show: Lio Rush

Rush turned boos to cheers merely by his skills in the ring. He entered as an afterthought and exited as the Man of the Hour. Heck, I’m already eager to see Rush wrestle Sammy Guevara for the TNT Championship. That’s how impressive Rush was on this evening.

Dud of the Show: CHAOS

Best Friends accepted the invitation from Romero, courtesy of NJPW’s Okada, to join the CHAOS faction. Commentary set the stage like it was a big deal, then CHAOS went 0-2 with losses from Rocky Romero and Wheeler Yuta. I don’t watch NJPW, so I didn’t even know CHAOS existed before tonight. I was wondering why there was so much talk about the KAOS villains from the Get Smart TV show. That’s a joke, but the point is that they didn’t make a strong first impression to entice me into caring about further exploration.

I understand it set the groundwork for fans to get pumped at the dream of Okada coming. As right they should be. This is just my initial reaction from my perspective.

Grade: B

Dynamite showcased a good mix of talent for very good matches. Aside from the contract signing, there wasn’t a lot that made me jump out of my seat with passion. Despite that, there was still plenty to enjoy.

Share your thoughts about Dynamite. How do you rate it? Who stole the show?

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