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Hangman rattles Omega by bringing up Ibushi

AEW didn’t deliver Kazuchika Okada on the Nov. 9 Dynamite, as they seemed to be teasing (and as many fans hoped they would). But there was a significant New Japan presence on the last Wednesday show before Full Gear.

It came in the main event contract signing for Saturday’s World championship match. As he’s been doing for at least a year now, Kenny Omega was playing mind games with Hangman Page. He was preying on the Cowboy’s insecurities, saying Page disappointed The Elite, and proved him wrong for believing in his old tag partner.

Hangman turned the tables on the champ, however. In referencing Kenny’s old Golden Lovers teammate Kota Ibushi, he threw Omega off guard. Then he wondered if the insecurities the Belt Collector felt when Ibushi went up to NJPW’s heavyweight division while Kenny remained in juniors all the way back in 2014 still ate at him - and if that was Omega was trying to instill those doubts in Page, to keep him from chasing after the World title.

It would have been a great segment if it ended there, but the heel had one more trick up his sleeve. Don Callis has been missing for a while, but he showed back up tonight, disguised as a cameraman. His attack busted Page open, which allowed Omega to sign the Full Gear paperwork in his opponent’s blood.

Is it Saturday yet?

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