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Max Caster takes aim at Jungle Boy & Anna Jay’s relationship

On Wednesday afternoon, Tony Khan booked Anthony Bowens vs. Jungle Boy for Dynamite in Indianapolis. That meant we’d be getting a Platinum Max Caster rap directed at Jack Perry.

It didn’t disappoint.

The Acclaimed MC’s opening lines about Jungle Boy’s own mic troubles (which he’s spoken openly about in interviews) were pretty good, and got a great reaction from their intended target. We got a line about JB being Max’s fetish, because Caster is nothing if not a very horny lad. He was just rope-a-doping us, though, because his final bar was his best...

“You’re so progressive, I’ve gotta emphasize
Cause you leave your girlfriend alone with seven guys”

It even got a laugh out of Aubrey Edwards.

In case you’re missing the context, Jungle Boy is dating Anna Jay of Dark Order.

Jack got revenge, flattening Caster with a dive mid-match, then tapping out Bowens.

It wasn’t a happy ending though, as he was attacked by Bobby Fish after the match. Why? Because he’s working with his old mate Adam Cole, of course. And the Superkliq is taking on Christian Cage & Jurassic Express Saturday at Full Gear. It looks like Fish vs. Jungle Jack on Friday’s Rampage.

But how bout Max’s rhyme?

Get complete results, and coverage of everything that happened on tonight’s edition of Dynamite here.

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