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Identity of AEW masked luchador Fuego 2 (aka not Cody Rhodes) still a mystery

AEW has a mystery on their hands with the identity of masked luchador Fuego 2. The son of Fuego del Sol looked suspiciously like Cody Rhodes for his debut match in tag team action last month on Dark. Fuego 2 made his return to the ring, and the riddle remains in regard to who is under the mask, despite the close resemblance to Cody.

Normally, when there are questions about a hidden identity, the first line of deduction would be if they have ever been seen together at the same time. At the start of Sammy Guevara’s vlog episode 345, Cody was sitting at a table with Fuego del Sol and Fuego 2. A random extra mistakenly approached Cody calling him Fuego 2, so Fuego 1 slapped some sense into that man. The camera clearly showed Cody and Fuego 2 in that same shot as two different people.

That should settle the debate that Cody is not Fuego 2, right? Not so fast, my friend. Cody may have tipped his hand at an elaborate ruse by leaning in for the head-to-head pose. Fuego 1 was on the ball though and did the pose with Fuego 2. As for this version of Fuego 2, his tattoos had a striking similarity to Shawn Dean’s ink.

On episode 346 of Sammy’s vlog (at 17:47), Fuego del Sol engaged in a war of words with rival QT Marshall. Fuego claimed QT was ducking him for a singles match. QT had Aaron Solo by his side, so Fuego suggested a tag team bout. QT didn’t have time for that nonsense, but he did oblige Fuego by accepting the match with Nick Comoroto in his spot. (NSFW video: Language warning for QT’s potty mouth dropping F bombs.)

When it came time for the big match, Too Fast Too Fuego showed up and showed out. The tag team hailing from the sun competed against Solo & Comoroto on Dark (at 15:08).

Too Fast Too Fuego used wily teamwork to secure the victory and improve to 2-0 in AEW. Fuego 2 stood like a brick wall for Fuego 1 to use as a stepping stone for the tornado DDT on Solo.

Too Fast Too Fuego are picking up steam in the tag team division, however, the question still remains who is under the Fuego 2 mask. On commentary, Taz mentioned how Fuego 2 was missing tattoos this week. His previous research suggested the D—M tattoo was actually for Fuego 2’s real name, Dom. That is a clear differentiation from Cody’s Dream chest tattoo. Taz also discussed how AEW had instant tattoo removal technicians backstage, and that’s why Fuego 2 was without ink this week. Taz theorized that Fuego 2 could actually be Dark Order’s 10 based on the man wearing purple socks.

As for Fuego 2’s performance in the ring, the luchador had an amusing spot of lowering his strap to match power with Comoroto. He ran the ropes straight into a shoulder block from the big man then pulled his strap back up and changed tactics. Fuego 2 also set up a Cross Rhodes but went with an inverted DDT instead. Fuego del Sol actually executed the Cross Rhodes. Fuego 1 claimed it was a tribute to Cody thanking him for the opportunity to wrestle in AEW. Cody’s response was to crank the middle finger.

For Cody’s part in this mystery, he is still adamant that he is not Fuego 2.

Even though Fuego 2’s identity is an enigma, one thing is clear. The character is getting over with fans. “Fuego 2,” chants were loud and proud.

What’s your take on who is under the Fuego 2 mask? What do you think the future holds for Too Fast Too Fuego?

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