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The Elite weren’t gonna let those Squid Game costumes go to waste

Apparently, TNT nixed The Elite’s first choice of costumes for the Halloween-themed main event of Dynamite last Wednesday (Oct. 27), so the Squid Game gear was out, and Ghostbusters was in.

Did WarnerMedia not want to promote a Netflix property fans could decide to watch after wrestling instead of something on HBOMax? Or did they just want to shy away from the social-critique-and-grisly-murder of the Korean series that’s become a global phenomena?

We’ll probably never know. What we do know is that Matt & Nick Jackson, Kenny Omega, Adam Cole, Michael Nakazawa & Brandon Cutler weren’t doing to let those jump suits and creepy masks go to waste. They get a workout in this week’s Being The Elite, with an episode-long Squid Game parody running through the entire Halloween-released special edition (also featuring Private Party & Lulu Pencil, and embedded above).

It’s the wacky BTE fun you’re used to, but maybe with a little more murder than the average. Check it out, but heads up if you haven’t binged the Netflix hit yet... the ending is kind of a spoiler.

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