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Former ECW champ crashes Tony Khan’s tribute to AEW’s extreme legends

When you own a pro wrestling promotion, and you bring that promotion to the birthplace of Extreme Philadelphia, and you have several legends who either built or passed through ECW on your payroll... what do you do? You bring them to the ring to close the show.

That’s what Tony Khan did after AEW finished taping the Oct. 8 edition of Rampage.

And if you’re CM Punk, who was first introduced to worldwide television audiences on the WWE-produced version of ECW? You crash that party, make a joke about your run atop the sports entertainment version of that iconic 90s brand, pay your own tribute to Chris Jericho, Taz, Dean Malenko & Jerry Lynn, then give the spotlight back to them.

And while you’re wondering why former ECW champ Vince McMahon didn’t make an appearance, here are the highlights from Rampage:

  • CM Punk Puts his Undefeated Streak on the Line Against Upstart Daniel Garcia
  • Were The Acclaimed Able to Stop The Momentum of the AEW Tag Team Champions?

For complete results from Rampage this week click here. To read a complete recap & review of all the night’s events click here.

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