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Brian Cage loses again thanks to Hook

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Tonight’s (Oct. 8) episode of AEW Rampage featured a Philly Street Fight in the main event. Ricky Starks put the FTW title on the line against the former champ, Brian Cage.

Brian Cage looks like a million bucks, but he has developed a reputation for losing nearly every match that matters in AEW. His luck did not change in this bout.

Some of the street fight plunder in this one included a garbage can, a pipe, and a chain. Cage smashed Starks in the head with a garbage can and was about to hit his Drill Claw finisher.

What’s the go-to move for Team Taz when their man is in trouble? Send Hook!

Hook and Powerhouse Hobbs interrupted the match. Cage fought them off and busted Starks open. But Hook and his pristine hair don’t go away so easily. He came back from behind to hit Cage with a low blow. Starks took advantage of this opening to put Cage away with the Roshambo.

Brian Cage loses yet again in an important match in AEW, and it’s probably time to move on from this story.

What did you think of the Philly Street Fight, Cagesiders?

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