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AEW Rampage live results, open thread (Oct. 8, 2021): CM Punk vs. Daniel Garcia

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Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Rampage, airing tonight at 10 pm ET on TNT.

The latest edition of AEW’s Friday night show comes our way on tape from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (spoilers are here, if you’re interested - and if you are and chose to discuss them in the comments, please use the spoiler tag).

This week's episode features CM Punk vs. Daniel Garcia, a Philly Street Fight for the FTW title between Ricky Starks and Brian Cage, the Lucha Bros defend the AEW world tag team titles against The Acclaimed, Skye Blue vs. Jade Cargill, and more!

Come right back here at 10 pm ET when Rampage kicks off on TNT. We’ll update the post with everything that happens on the show below the line.

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.

Enjoy the show!


  • Excalibur, Taz, and Chris Jericho are on commentary as the show begins.
  • Mark Henry interviews CM Punk and Daniel Garcia ahead of their match, which is next. Punk calls 2point0 “the Nasty Boys’ little brothers” and says he’s going to give Garcia a beating.
  • Punk is back in long pants for this match. Jericho calls Punk a “trained MMA fighter.” Garcia gains the advantage by distracting the referee, which allows 2point0 to sneak in some cheap shots on Punk. Garcia works the knee over for a while. Punk is hobbling around but gets back in the fight, winning an exchange of strikes. Garcia counters GTS into a sharpshooter. Punk escapes, tosses Garcia outside the ring, and dives off the top turnbuckle to the outside onto Garcia and 2point0. Punk nailes a piledriver on Garcia and finishes him off with the Anaconda Vice for the tap out. CM Punk defeats Daniel Garcia.
  • Lio Rush is backstage with Dante Martin and Matt Sydal. Sydal is skeptical of Lio’s big talk. Rush says he’ll get Sydal a match against CM Punk next week on Rampage.
  • Lucha Bros defeat The Acclaimed to retain the AEW world tag team titles. This was a ridiculously fast-paced bout. The heels briefly gained the upperhand with a boombox shot, but they ultimately fell victim to Fenix and Penta’s tandem piledriver finisher. Before the match, Max Caster insulted Arn Anderson, Ben Simmons, and Rocky Balboa during his entrance rap.
  • Jade Cargill defeats Skye Blue in a singles match to remain undefeated in AEW. Jade caught Blue in the liver with a pump kick and nailed her finisher shortly afterwards. This was a very quick match. It was made clear that Cargill plans to win the TBS championship.
  • After the match was over, Cargill laid in a few more kicks to Blue. Thunder Rosa charged into the ring with a steel chair. Cargill backed out of the ring before any violence ensued.
  • Next week’s (Oct. 15) Rampage includes Ruby Soho vs. The Bunny, CM Punk vs. Matt Sydal, and Inner Circle vs. Men of the Year & Junior Dos Santos.
  • Then Saturday Dynamite on Oct. 16 will feature Malakai Black vs. Dante Martin, Bryan Danielson vs. Bobby Fish, and Lucha Bros defending the AAA Lucha Libre tag titles against a masked team that is friends with Andrade El Idolo,
  • The World Title Eliminator Tournament is returning this year, with the finals once again taking place at Full Gear. The full bracket will be revealed on the special Saturday Dynamite on Oct. 16.
  • Mark Henry interviews Ricky Starks and Brian Cage right before their Philly Street Fight for the FTW championship.
  • Ricky Starks pins Brian Cage to retain the FTW title in a Street Fight. They introduced a garbage can, chain, and pipe as part of the street fight weaponry. Starks used a pool cue to put Cage down through a lengthy commercial break. Cage came back with a trash can to Ricky’s head and then slammed him onto the can. Cage was about to finish Starks off with the Drill Claw, but Hook and Powerhouse Hobbs ran in and stopped that from happening. Cage fought them off and busted Starks open, but the numbers game was too much to handle. Hook nailed Cage with a low blow. As blood was dripping down his face, Starks followed up with the Roshambo for the win.
  • Team Taz celebrates Starks’ win as the show goes off the air.

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