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Arn Anderson snuck into Cody’s backyard to burn his suits

How do you follow up last week’s much buzzed about “Glock” promo on Cody Rhodes? If you’re Arn Anderson (and all that implies), you head to Cody’s backyard with one of his suit coats, set it on fire, drop it in a garage barrel, and wait for Rhodes to notice.

When he does - and credit where credit is due, Cody’s “what are you gonna do, shoot me?” line when he reluctantly came down from his balcony to see what the hell A-Double is up to was very good - Arn added his designer tie to the fire and slapped the crap out of him.

Anderson also got in a jab about Rhodes’ WWE past, at one point asking him why he doesn’t just paint a star on his face. Will The Enforcer get through to The American Nightmare?

Get complete results, and coverage of everything from tonight’s Dynamite, here.

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