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Tony Khan promises ‘huge announcement’ tonight

The AEW head honcho says it will ‘really add a lot to the company’.

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When they come our way from Philadelphia tonight (Oct. 6), AEW will be celebrating the second anniversary of Dynamite premiering on TNT back in 2019.

It sounds like Tony Khan has big plans for the show.

AEW’s president and head booker revealed as much to PWInsider while hyping up the episode in a new interview:

“... I’m going to have some fun announcements, and it’s going to be a really special show. And I can tell you right now, I have one huge announcement on the show. It is going to be a lot of fun, and it should be just a really, really good night of wrestling for Wednesday Night Dynamite, two year anniversary show.”

What could it be? Khan talked quite a bit with Insider’s Mike Johnson about AEW’s deal with The Owen Hart Foundation, so perhaps it will be details about The Owen Hart Cup Tournament that was established as part of that partnership?

TK also hyped up the unannounced entrant in tonight’s Casino Ladder Match for a future AEW World title show:

“I will not give you any insight into who the joker is going to be. I will not tell you that, but I will go back to the announcement instead and tell you that it’s been something a long time coming. I’m very excited about it and proud of it and it’ll really add a lot to the company, I think.”

So it sounds like the joker is tied to Khan’s huge announcement? Johnson doesn’t ask for clarification, so we’ll just have to speculate while waiting for tonight’s show.

Author’s note: I initially interpreted the second answer as linking the Ladder Match’s final competitor with the “huge announcement”, but others have pointed out Khan is likely passing on the joker question to reemphasize the “huge announcement”.

While you’re doing that, you can also check out PWInsider’s full interview with Tony Khan - where he also confirms Dave Meltzer’s report that he tightened up AEW’s upper management structure in late 2019, and calls recent rumors of Executive Vice-Presidents losing power “pretty disingenuous” - here.

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