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CM Punk really wants a tag run with Bryan Danielson


Since returning to pro wrestling in August, CM Punk has done a lot of interviews. He’s talked why now, why AEW, dream matches, and more. One thing that’s come up a few times when Punk is asked about his plans? Teaming with Bryan Danielson.

It came up before the wrestler formerly known as Daniel Bryan even debuted for AEW!

Punk’s not done pitching a tag run with his fellow ex-Ring of Honor and WWE World champ, either. It came up again when the Best in the World was a guest on the AEW Unrestricted podcast last week. Asked who he’d team with to go after the AEW World Tag belts currently held by Lucha Bros, Punk said:

“I think there’s a lot of good answers to that question, but selfishly, I want to tag with Bryan Danielson. I don’t know if anybody has ever spoken about this before, but before I left Ring of Honor for WWE, we were thinking what’s next for CM Punk after winning the title and all that stuff. There was a thing we were kicking around with maybe me and American Dragon tagging up, just black boots, black trunks, kind of like a [Nick] Bockwinkel & [Ray] Stevens for a new era. Of course, we were both like, ‘Yeah, that sounds like something we could really sink our teeth into.’ I still think there’s potential to do that.”

The pair had a brief tag run in WWE shortly before Punk left the company and Bryan ascended to the main event of WrestleMania 30. But it’s probably safe to assume an AEW run would be a bit different.

You interested?

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