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Mox fired Kingston up for his match with Bryan in the most Mox way

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All Elite Wrestling

Jon Moxley’s autobiography MOX drops on Tuesday (Nov. 2), and that means Jon Moxley doing promotional press. If you remember past Moxley interview tours, like the one he did after he stopped being WWE’s Dean Ambrose and joined AEW in 2019... you know these things can be pretty interesting. And just based on the interview he gave Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer & Garrett Gonzales, the junket for MOX isn’t going to disappoint, either.

I’m still working my way through it (if you’re interested and not a subscriber, the Observer’s made 10 minutes of it available on their YouTube channel here), and some technical difficulties aside, it’s a great listen. My favorite bit so far is Moxley’s story about getting his partner Eddie Kingston fired up for his match with Bryan Danielson at this week’s Rampage taping:

“We walked to fucking gorilla, you know, like, Bryan walks out and I just fucking grab Eddie by the shoulders and said, I said ‘Look at this stupid Whole Foods shoppin’ vegan motherfucker. Beat his fucking ass!

“Eddie’s like, I could see it in Eddie’s eyes like, it was real, like he’s gonna fucking kill him. I was like, ‘Oh fuck yeah, this is so good, oh God, I can’t wait to watch this shit!’”

It’s great because, as the headline says, it’s so very Mox. Part of that is that as giddy as he is about getting his boy psyched up, he’s every bit as excited about what happened after their moment in gorilla:

“If you haven’t seen it - oh my God it’s such a great match!”

Elsewhere in the interview, Mox says Danielson is “probably the best wrestler that ever lived.” So that should be interesting in the likely event he beats Orange Cassidy in his World Title Eliminator semi and the two former Total Divas co-stars meet in the finals at Full Gear.

Anyway, Moxley’s great, because he’s always Moxley. Pre-order your copy of Mox here.

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