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AEW Dynamite recap & reactions (Oct. 27, 2021): Women steal the show

AEW Dynamite (Oct. 27, 2021) emanated from the Agganis Arena in Boston, MA. The show featured Hikaru Shida and Serena Deeb stealing the show, Hangman Page becoming a master at the Halloween surprise, and Cody Rhodes sticking true to his inner character.

Get caught up on all the Dynamite details with the excellent play-by-play from Claire Elizabeth.


When Hikaru Shida and Serena Deeb clashed the first time earlier this month, it was a good match made better by the surprise upset and additional attitude from Deeb. She was annoyed that Shida chasing her 50th win was deemed a foregone conclusion by AEW management. They had a special trophy waiting ringside, for crying out loud. Deeb took that trophy to smash over Shida as part of the victory celebration.

In the rematch, both women stepped up their game to steal the show. The feud was enough reason to watch, but there was also the added element of fighting to advance in the TBS Championship Tournament. Shida dug deep to pull out victory, however, Deeb had the last laugh by inflicting damage to Shida’s leg after the match.

Shida came out with fire to aggressively take control early. Deeb began vicious tactics by ramming Shida’s leg into the ring post. Whenever Shida picked up steam for maneuvers such as a missile dropkick and delayed vertical suplex, Deeb would weather the storm then target the leg once again. That was the recipe of the match. Shida smashed with an axe kick, straitjacket German suplex, facebuster slam, running knee to the back of the head, then Deeb found a way to counter and resume working the leg. Deeb even got nasty with a figure-four around the ring post.

Deeb’s strategy was close to paying off when she trapped Shida in an inverted figure-four, but Shida dramatically reached the ropes. Deeb also tried to make it dirty by using the trophy to bash Shida, however, Shida knocked it out of her hands. When tempted with using the foreign object, Shida relented and passed it over to referee Aubrey Edwards. Deeb didn’t care and used an eye-poke to set up a roll-up.

In the end, Deeb went for a hammerlock lift, but Shida countered for a victorious roll-up. Shida finally earned her 50th career singles win in AEW and also advances to the next round to face Nyla Rose.

Deeb was not pleased and took out her frustration on Shida with a chair. After several whacks to the leg, Deeb cinched in the Serenity Lock and refused to release. A group of referees and Jerry Lynn stood around aimlessly pleading until Deeb let go.

Shida and Deeb put on a show with action, strategy, and storytelling. They maintained drama throughout with no clear winner until the finish. The aftermath sold Deeb as a maniac and set up a triumphant butt-kicking coming her way in the near future. Unfortunately, Deeb did so much damage that Shida has very little chance to take down the Native Beast in her next tournament bout. That should only increase Shida’s rage to get payback on Deeb in due time. I can’t wait to see it.

Halloween party

The main event of the evening was a cheeky affair between the Dark Order and the Elite. Throw in Halloween costumes to make it a goofy time. John Silver was Bambi, Colt Cabana was Brandon Cutler, Stu Grayson was Kratos, and I believe Evil Uno was Woody the cowboy from Toy Story. The Elite were dressed as the Ghostbusters.

Both squads performed as expected with high-octane energy. The match broke down into a flurry of assaults all over the place. That’s when the costume theme revealed itself as a clever ruse. Matt Jackson accidentally superkicked referee Rick Knox. He took advantage by low-blowing Grayson. The rest of the Elite low-blowed the other three Dark Order pals and hit a quadruple powerbomb to Cabana on top of their proton packs.

A horse-faced man, who was assumed to be part of the Dark Order, ran in, so the Elite slapped his cojones as well. When the mask was removed, it was Cutler underneath. All of a sudden, the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man pulled off his mask to reveal Hangman Page.

Page clobbered Matt with a clothesline and crushed Kenny Omega with a Dead Eye piledriver. Grayson took out Nick Jackson and Adam Cole on a moonsault. Silver swooped in for an airplane spin slam on Matt for the win.

This contest was borderline goofy with the costumes, however, Hangman’s expression of rage made it all worthwhile. He is peaking at the perfect moment toward his title shot against Omega at Full Gear on November 13. Hangman delivered a fantastic speech two weeks ago, then he added a ‘gotcha’ moment to ruin the Elite’s evening. That should force Omega to take cowboy shit seriously from here on out.

Jim Ross spoke of Elite versus Dark Order being a rivalry, however, it is only a rivalry if both teams are more or less even. The Elite had been better at every turn, so that’s why it was so important that the Dark Order squeaked out a win. Now, they have a little bit of bragging rights to add heat to any future clashes with the Elite.

Let’s jam through the rest of Dynamite.

CM Punk defeated Bobby Fish. Punk came out aggressive in the mood for clobbering time. Fish slowed it down trying not to get caught up in the wave of emotion. Fish went to work attacking the legs. Punk rallied for a GTS, but Fish countered with a dragon screw legwhip. Punk came back with a jackknife pin. Fish bridged up to escape, however, Punk countered with a fireman’s carry pickup for the GTS and victory.

Solid bout to open. Fish worked smart strategy, and Punk had the heroic comeback. The final GTS transition wasn’t so smooth when Punk struggled on the pick-up. I don’t know if that was on purpose or not, but it worked well into the story of Fish targeting Punk’s leg throughout. Punk moved on with no clear sign of a PPV feud for Full Gear. Hints could be mentioning Punk being one step slow to set up a match with a speedster or Punk hating bullies to perhaps assist Darby Allin with MJF’s goons.

MJF defeated Bryce Donovan. A pendulum piledriver in the ropes allowed MJF to pin his adversary with one finger.

That was how a quick squash should be done. Emphatic, entertaining, and making MJF feel like a star.

It’s Sting, and Darby too! After MJF’s win, he grabbed the mic to insult the disgusting, fat women of Boston. MJF talked trash about breaking Darby Allin and punching Sting with the Dynamite Diamond Ring. With them out of the way, MJF can focus on his destiny of winning the AEW World Championship. Lights out. It’s Sting... Wait, no it’s not. MJF played a joke with the music and snookered me good. I fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

The lights went out again. This time, a video played of Allin beating up fake MJF on a concert stage. Lights on. Sting was in the ring with his baseball bat to hit Shawn Spears and Wardlow. MJF escaped into the ringside corner. Behind him, Allin emerged hidden in costume. MJF sprinted up the ramp to safety as Allin hit Wardlow with a thumbtacked skateboard. Allin issued the singles challenge for Full Gear, and MJF appeared to accept.

That was sports entertainment in all its glory. Sting with his baseball bat, Allin in disguise, MJF playing the jerk coward, and it all fed into the match challenge. It was one of those scenes to just sit back and soak in the spectacle that is professional wrestling.

TNT Championship: Sammy Guevara retained against Ethan Page. Stipulations dictated everybody barred from ringside. By participating, Guevara earned the ten-man tag Inner Circle versus American Top Team & Men of the Year at Full Gear. By winning, Guevara would earn the right to choose the ATT members. A loss would send him packing permanently from the Inner Circle.

Guevara ran down the ramp immediately to tackle Page, land punches, then attack with a flying twist over the ropes.

Page turned the tide with a backbreaker across the top turnbuckle.

Guevara came back to life for a double springboard cutter and shooting star press to the outside. Page powered through the flurry for a slam off the turnbuckles. Guevara collapsed on the mat in pain. Page tried to capitalize with a super Ego’s Edge, however, Guevara countered for a super hurricanrana. Guevara missed the follow-up standing shooting star press. As Page put the champ’s head down for a piledriver, Guevara countered for a roll-up to win.

After the match, Page attacked again. Scorpio Sky ran out to help, then the Inner Circle ran out to chase away the bad guys. Jericho revealed that the ten-man tag would now be a Minneapolis street fight. The Inner Circle will announce ATT’s wrestlers next week.

Guevara shined bright with innovative offense. This was the type of win to help establish his status as TNT champion. Page played his role well as a good hand with a touch of flash. I’m not sure what makes a Minneapolis street fight special, but I hope it involves cues to Prince and the Purple Rain film. Somebody needs to be purified in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

World Title Eliminator Tournament First Round: Jon Moxley defeated 10. Mox was a buzzsaw running through 10. He started with a release German suplex into stomping a mudhole in the corner. Moxley rammed 10 into the ring steps, ripped his mask, and bit his face.

10 was bleeding by the time he got back in the ring. A minor comeback was obliterated by a hefty clothesline. Furious punches on the ground paved the way for the Paradigm Shift and victory.

Damn. That is how you make a statement to strike fear in the hearts of future competitors. 10 isn’t a top player, but he is a tough wrestler to beat. Moxley demolished the man. It is going to be hilarious to see Moxley do the same to Orange Cassidy in the next round. Anything less than annihilation will be unacceptable.

Cody4ever. Cody Rhodes declared himself as a babyface forever. That was set up earlier in the show with a promo from Malakai Black about being proud to turn the world against Cody. Last week’s match wasn’t about pinfalls, because the House of Black always wins.

Cody came out for a promo with Arn Anderson by his side. Cody addressed the idea of turning heel just because some fans jeer him. That would be the easy way out. Cody affirmed that he will stay the path as a do-gooder. Cody apologized to those who felt Hollywood got in the way.

Enter Andrade. Fans don’t like either of them, but the difference is that Andrade doesn’t care. Cody has made a lot of stupid decisions, like the neck tattoo and getting in El Idolo’s business. Andrade plans on teaching Cody a lesson. Lights out. Lights on. Malakai Black with BLACK MIST to Cody’s face.

Andrade put the boots to Arn until PAC ran out to clean house. It was later announced that Cody versus Andrade will be next week on Dynamite.

All I could think of when hearing Cody’s promo is that it better lead to a, “No Easy Way Out,” Rocky montage. Aside from that, give them hell, Cody. He has won me over as a fan due his over-the-top effort of everything he has done in AEW. I appreciate that Cody plans to stay true to his inner character. If some people don’t like it, make them even madder by reaching new heights of success.

Notes: Tony Schiavone started making comical ptooey spit sounds whenever mentioning MJF’s name.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD walked out of a match with Abadon on the Jericho cruise, so Tony Khan booked a rematch for Friday night Rampage. It will also be no DQ, which pleased Baker as she looked over to Reba and Jamie Hayter for backup. If Abadon wins, then she will earn a title shot.

Bryan Danielson and Eddie Kingston were interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Kingston took issue with the idea that he doesn’t work hard enough. He proceeded to make excuses about battling depression and anger while trying to be a tough guy. Kingston walked away with no patience to hear a response. Danielson was not impressed. He’s been through those same issues and never complained about it. If needling Kingston is what it takes to bring out his best version, then Danielson would do just that. Danielson wants to compete against the man who has something to fight for. Even though Kingston is one of the toughest wrestlers today, Danielson is still going to beat him. That was a quick exchange supercharging the emotion in a hurry for their tournament showdown.

Lucha Bros challenged FTR for Full Gear. Fenix and Pentagon will even put the AEW tag titles on the line. Later, FTR accepted.

Tony Nese sat in the front row watching the TNT title fight.

Lio Rush & Dante Martin versus the Sydal brothers for Rampage was canceled due to an injury by Mike Sydal. That means it will be round three for Martin versus Matt Sydal. Rush is going to provide the necessary tutelage for Martin to win this time.

Stud of the Show: Jon Moxley

Moxley is on the most impressive run of his AEW career from a visual perspective. He is steamrolling opponents in a violent manner. Mox has been so dominant lately that I’d pick him as the favorite to win against anybody at this moment in time.

Dud of the Show: Referee Aubrey Edwards

Part of the referee’s job description is to protect wrestlers. Edwards failed spectacularly by standing around as Serena Deeb bludgeoned Hikaru Shida with a chair after their match. It looked even worse when several officials and Jerry Lynn surrounded Deeb and never tried to physically pry her off Shida while locking in a submission.

Grade: B+

This episode of Dynamite was a little less hectic than weeks past, however, it still delivered the same level of entertainment. The matches each told a story to use going forward, while the promos picked up the pieces. Add in a surprise marshmallow cowboy for a neat twist to close the show.

Share your thoughts about Dynamite. How do you rate it? Who stole the show?

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