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Hikaru Shida got her 50th win, but Serena Deeb made her pay for it

Shida also earned a spot in TBS Title Tournament quarterfinals, but she might not be cleared for it.

The last time Hikaru Shida went for her 50th win in AEW, Serena Deeb not only defeated her, she clocked her with the glass sculpture meant to commemorate her being the first woman to reach that milestone.

Heading into the Oct. 27 edition of Dynamite in Boston, Shida was still looking for win number 50. She would still have to beat the Woman of A Thousand Holds to get it, and this time, a spot in the second round of the TBS Championship Tournament was also on the line.

The former AEW Women’s World champ showed up with her trusty kendo stick, and the trophy Serena smashed on her head earlier this month.

Deeb had her moments in the match, but this was a motivated - and angry - Shida she was facing. That heat hurt Hikaru, first by giving her opponent a chance to target her knee, then when she was almost tempted to use the glass object herself. She fought the temptation though, and eventually picked up the win via pinfall.

Will Shida be able to face Nyla Rose in the quarterfinals? Deeb did everything in her power to make sure she couldn’t.

After their second great television match, I don’t think anyone would complain about a trilogy for Shida & Deeb.

Get complete results, and coverage of everything that happened on tonight’s edition of Dynamite here.

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