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AEW’s newest masked wrestler looks suspiciously like Cody Rhodes

AEW has a new masked wrestler in the mix. He walks and talks like Cody Rhodes, but evidence is inconclusive to this point about the luchador’s identity. On Tuesday night Dark, Fuego del Sol brought in a partner to debut in AEW. That man’s name is Son of Fuego, Fuego 2.

The Too Fast Too Fuego duo competed against Dean Alexander and Kidd Bandit (at 47:28 of Dark).

Excalibur recalled a conversation with Fuego del Sol in regard to Fuego 2’s Dream chest tattoo similar to Cody’s. Fuego del Sol reasoned that it might say Doom, since we can only see the D and M due to the singlet straps covering the rest. Taz theorized that Fuego 2 could be such a big fan of Cody that he was inspired to get the same ink. As for Cody’s infamous neck tattoo, it mysteriously disappeared when Fuego 2 wrestled.

How did well did Fuego 2 wrestle in the ring? Fuego 2 moved similar to Cody, but there were slight variations. On the drop-down uppercut by Cody, Fuego 2 used a knee strike instead. Taz was not impressed with Fuego 2’s skills. “This Fuego Dos kind of sucks. He’s getting his ass kicked a lot.” In the end, Fuego del Sol brought home the victory via tornado DDT.

The Fuego 2 persona was introduced on Sammy Guevara’s vlog. His appearances may provide extra clues to crack this case. In episode 340 (at 2:18), Fuego 2 saved Fuego del Sol from hooligans in the hallway. Too bad there is a censored box over Fuego 2’s neck hiding view of a tattoo.

In episode 342 (at 5:36), Fuego 2 was approached by an eager fan asking for a Cody autograph. Fuego del Sol sternly clarified that the masked man was not Cody, then he slapped the fan across the face.

Cody’s response has been a denial that he is Fuego 2.

Also, Cody is not a fan of the concept.

Even though there are striking similarities between Fuego 2 and Cody, the adamant denials from Cody and Fuego del Sol make results from this scientific analysis to be inconclusive. One day we may learn the true identity of Fuego 2, but today is not that day.

What’s your take on AEW’s newest masked wrestler?

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