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Lance Archer offers an update & thanks after scary spot on Dynamite

On Dynamite this past Saturday night (Oct. 24), Lance Archer attempted a moonsault during his AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament first round match against Eddie Kingston. Archer didn’t get the necessary rotation in his leap from the second rope, and Kingston had already rolled out of the way according to plan. It mean the 44 year old wrestler landed head first on the mat...

AEW’s YouTube

Here’s another angle, in slow motion:

The match was paused while officials checked on Archer, but he wanted to finish, and came back in so Eddie could do a quick roll-up by Eddie. After a more thorough check-up by AEW’s Dr. Michael Sampson, Archer was able to walk to the back under his own power. We still don’t have official word on a diagnosis, but the Murderhawk Monster has provided a couple updates on social media. It does seem he’ll be out for a while, and probably at least looking a physical therapy for his neck & spine.

He also noted that sneezing with a sore back/neck sucks, which I can personally confirm.

Get well soon, Lance!

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