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These Miro promos are the best thing in wrestling right now

When Miro lost the TNT championship to Sammy Guevara, he lost his identity. He was “God’s Favorite Champion,” a dominant force within AEW that showed no signs of slowing down with the Almighty behind him. That he lost completely destroyed his sense of self. So he did what you might have expected him to do.

He blamed God.

First, he wondered why:

“First, you leave me to get beat and now you’re not answering. Is that funny to you? You know I love my wife but I can’t go home like this. Does that amuse you? Have I displeased you? Have I not bowed enough? Kneeled enough? Have I not given your name enough praise? You gave me a body of granite and a neck of sand, is that some kind of a joke Where are you? Where are you to tell me why have you forsaken me? Why have you forsaken your champion? I am done pleading with you now. I am telling you, my god, make no mistake you will make me your champion or you will make me your enemy. So if you stay silent over my head, I will snap necks under my foot. Until the next one I redeem is me and the next one to forgive is you. Everyone else will know pain until I become your favorite champion, so I see her once again.”

Now, he’s vowing vengeance in his name:

“God, we are out of time, and my wife needs her champion back. All of violence that’s gonna come through me is now a reflection on you, and your silence and your arrogance. How dare you ignore me! How dare you test me! My god, my god, how dare you forsake me. Let them make me fight 100 times and I will snap 100 necks. God’s forsaken champion will become God’s favorite again. But not because you want it — because I will leave you no choice. My road home starts now. And a powder of bones will follow me to her. And I will hold it with blood on my hands, horror in my eyes. And that’s on you.”

Miro has become a one-liner factory but really everything he says, because of the conviction with which he says it, just hits so damn hard. You really end up believing this man is refusing to go home because he can’t face his wife in his current state, and what that means for anyone who stands in his way.

Also, whoever is in charge of the score for these promos, bravo.

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