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Orange Cassidy wins the first match of AEW’s World Title Eliminator tournament

Tonight’s (Oct. 22) episode of AEW Rampage featured the very first match in the World Title Eliminator Tournament. The full tournament bracket can be seen here, with the finals scheduled on Nov. 13 at Full Gear. The winner earns a future shot at the AEW World championship.

Tonight’s first round match saw Team Taz member Powerhouse Hobbs forced to deal with the shenanigans of Orange Cassidy. Would Hobbs’ size and power prevail over...whatever it is that Cassidy brings to the table?

Cassidy did in fact bring nothing to the table for this one, but it was still good enough to beat Hobbs. Hobbs mauled Freshly Squeezed the entire time, pounding him into the mat, ramming him in the corner, catching him out of the air multiple times. Powerhouse’s downfall came when he refused to listen to the referee’s order for a clean break in the corner. Hobbs bickered with the ref, allowing Orange to wrap him up from behind in the mousetrap for the win.

Cassidy now moves on to round two, where he’ll face either Jon Moxley or Dark Order 10...okay let’s be real, it’s gonna be Mox. What the hell is 10 even doing in this tournament?

Follow along with the results for Rampage here.

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