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Miro’s God let him down again

Losing the TNT championship caused Miro to question his faith in the God he’d given credit for his AEW success. Without a belt and an undefeated singles record, The Redeemer sounded on the verge of a feud with his higher power.

But surely God wouldn’t forsake him AEW Games’ ongoing FIFA 21 Tournament, right? Really, it didn’t even seem like Miro needed any divine assistance when it came to video game football/soccer. In beating Colt Cabana, Eddie Kingston & Chuck Taylor to advance to the Final, Miro hadn’t even been scored on!

As you can see in the video embedded above, hosts Evil Uno and Adam Cole figured he’d destroy John Silver to win the whole thing. Miro was so confident, he picked a bad Finland team to go against Silver’s French side. He wanted to challenge himself, he said. But when Silver ended that scoreless streak just minutes into the match, Lana’s man knew he was in trouble. Miro had a few good scoring chances in the Final’s waning minutes, but the 2 - 0 halftime score held up.

Had his God left him high and dry for the second time in recent weeks? Miro wasn’t blaming anyone except for the crappy team he picked to face Silver. He also wasn’t giving the Hungee One any credit, either. He wants to go again, and this time he’s playing with Russia.

We’ll see if his God is by his side for that one.

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