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Miro is now feuding with God

Before Miro lost the TNT championship and, in turn, his undefeated streak since joining AEW, he was calling himself “God’s favorite champion.” Now that he’s lost, he’s, well, lost.

Consider this promo from AEW Dynamite this week:

“First, you leave me to get beat and now you’re not answering. Is that funny to you? You know I love my wife but I can’t go home like this. Does that amuse you? Have I displeased you? Have I not bowed enough? Kneeled enough? Have I not given your name enough praise? You gave me a body of granite and a neck of sand, is that some kind of a joke?

“Where are you? Where are you to tell me why have you forsaken me? Why have you forsaken your champion? I am done pleading with you now. I am telling you, my god, make no mistake you will make me your champion or you will make me your enemy. So if you stay silent over my head, I will snap necks under my foot. Until the next one I redeem is me and the next one to forgive is you. Everyone else will know pain until I become your favorite champion, so I see her once again.”

This man is feuding with God. And you know what? It works.

Most of that, I think, is his commitment to the character but his delivery is always on point in video packages like this. He also continues to be a one-liner factory.

His anger only grew when he was snubbed from inclusion in the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament:

May Miro have mercy on God.

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