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AEW Rewind: Malakai Black fable, Andrade’s team not Los Ingobernables, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Friday night Rampage and Saturday night Dynamite.

“AEW Road to Miami,” hyped CM Punk vs. Matt Sydal, Men of the Year & Junior dos Santos vs. Inner Circle, Ruby Soho vs. Bunny, Dante Martin, Lucha Bros, Brian Danielson vs. Bobby Fish, and Malakai Black. The video mostly focuses on analysis from Tony Schiavone and Excalibur for the different segments. The best part is the closer with Black.

Black told a story of an overzealous king who was cursed with eternal hunger. The king was so hungry that he ate himself. Black related that to Dante Martin biting off more than he can chew. He plans to curse Martin’s soul, which will last his entire career. If you don’t believe Black, then ask Cody Rhodes. That was a creepy tale continuing to add mystique to the legend of Black.

Andrade will be bringing in two masked friends to challenge the Lucha Bros for the AAA tag titles on Dynamite. When Dragon Lee and Dralistico made a surprise appearance at Héroes Inmortales XIV to ruffle feathers of Fenix and Pentagon, the logical assumption was the Ingobernables connection to Andrade as the surprise team in AEW. Andrade clarified that his team will not be Los Ingobernables.

Dragon Lee was chomping at the bit, but Andrade told him to wait.

If Los Ingobernables are taken out of the equation, then I’m stumped. I suppose Dralistico could still be there, since I don’t believe he has ever been an onscreen member of Los Ingobernables. Count out the Forbidden Door with CMLL. They are strongly against doing business with anyone that represents AAA. Perhaps Andrade bonded with Sin Cara 2 (Cinta de Oro) or Kalisto (Samuray del Sol) when in WWE together. Of course, AEW could pick any AAA luchadores and claim they are close friends with Andrade. How cool would it be to see Aerostar and Drago? If AEW wanted young thrillers, then Octagon Jr. and Myzteziz Jr. would fit the bill.

Bobby Fish went down in defeat to Sammy Guevara when challenging for the TNT Championship, but all wasn’t lost. Fish came away with an All Elite contract. He isn’t finished with Guevara nor did he like Dan Lambert’s goons coming out after his match.

Checking in with story beats on Elevation and Dark, Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss got physical again. Janela competed against Crowbar in Philadelphia. The Bad Boy tried to exit early, but the Blue Meanie blocked his path. Janela ended up victorious via Death Valley driver. That’s when Kiss hit the ring for fisticuffs. Kayla Rossi held Kiss to eat a superkick. Rossi went up top for a spinning corkscrew moonsault.

Crowbar and Blue Meanie discussed sharing the ring together. They were both happy to support AEW.

Being the Elite

“Powerbomb” - Being The Elite, Ep. 277 (here) featured:

  • The Elite practiced their low blow and quadruple powerbomb on Michael Nakazawa.
  • Travel vlog with the Young Bucks. Kenny Omega forgot his passport while eating a muffin. The Bucks visited the Rocky Balboa statue. It wouldn’t be BTE without sneaker shopping.
  • Hangman Page was in bed and received a letter in the mail from AEW HR. His leave for PTO was up. Time to get back to work or have payment withheld. Also included was the joker card for the Casino Ladder Match.
  • Anna Jay held a vote to kick Stu Grayson out of the group. They also voted about John Silver wearing a condom hard or soft, Evil Uno going shirtless, eating at Chili’s, and other ideas. They left to invite Hangman Page.
  • Leva Bates was feeling blue. Blue Meanie understood her blueness.
  • Alex Reynolds and John Silver apologized to Adam Cole They suggested Cole change his name to BUTCH, Muff Flannigan, and Stretch Blur. Cole told them to eat shit.
  • Highlights from the Super Elite in the ring.
  • Ryan Nemeth was sad his girlfriend broke up with him. He accused her of having eyes for Kevin Bacon. The breakup turned into a breakdown.
  • 2point0 picked names for the BTE Championship tournament. The matchups were Sammy Guevara vs. Colt Cabana, Fuego del Sol vs. Dante Martin, John Silver vs. Evil Uno, and Chuck Taylor vs. Joker entrant.
  • Footage of Hangman Page’s pops from being the Casino Ladder Match joker, winning, and drinking a beer atop the ladder.

We’ll close with AEW’s Four Pillars merch. Which one do you think will have the most success?

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