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Sounds like Full Gear has its main event

Tony Khan mentioned it an interview where he also said when we’ll learn more about the Owen Hart Cup tournament.

All Elite Wrestling

Tony Khan is making the press rounds this week, and he’s talking about more than just competing with WWE.

While chatting with Robbie Fox on Barstool’s My Mom’s Basement, the AEW head honcho mentioned a couple of things fans have been looking forward to for some time.

One, following Hangman Page’s triumphant return in last Wednesday’s Casino Ladder match, it definitely sounds like the anxious millennial cowboy’s story will continue - and maybe payoff? - at the company’s November PPV:

“Last year it [the AEW World Title Eliminator tournament] culminated in Kenny vs. Hangman, which is very fitting because now as we go into Full Gear this year, we’re back and now Kenny is the World champion and he’s facing Hangman.”

TK also confirmed that this year’s World Title Eliminator tournament will again culminate at Full Gear. Brackets for that are coming on Saturday’s Dynamite.

Two, we should learn more about one of AEW’s new tournaments on or soon after Oct. 27. That will be the first time Dynamite is back on its usual night after two weeks of being bumped to Saturday by TNT’s hockey coverage, and that’s when we should hear some information about the first ever Owen Hart Cup tournament:

“When we’re back on Wednesday night Dynamite, I plan to make more announcements about The Owen...”

Ready for some Cowboy, and tournament honoring a legend, $#!+?

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