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Kenny Omega and Adam Cole tap out at the same time

What would Bryan Danielson deliver for an encore after his first match in AEW (last week against world champion Kenny Omega) was praised by many folks as one of the greatest television matches of all time?

Bryan tried to steal the show again in the opening match of tonight’s (Oct. 1) episode of Rampage when he went one-on-one with Nick Jackson. They had a damn good match that ended when Nick tapped out to Cattle Mutilation.

After the fight was over, there was a quick brawl between the members of The Elite and Danielson, Christian, and Jurassic Express. This was a tease for what’s to come in next week’s eight man tag match on Dynamite. The skirmish ended with stereo tap outs from Adam Cole and Kenny Omega.

It turns out this was a very bad night for The Elite.

Did Danielson vs. Jackson live up to the hype?

Follow along with the results for Rampage here.

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