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CM Punk (and the rest of the web) are obsessed with Armed Anderson

AEW delivered a couple feel good stories during their debut in Brodie Lee’s hometown of Rochester on Wednesday night (Sept. 29). But what do wrestling fans want to keep talking about two days after Dynamite aired? Amanda Huber & -1 finally getting through to Dark Order? Sammy Guevara winning the TNT title and celebrating with his best friend?

Nope*, we want to talk about Arn Anderson’s promo - and specifically Double-A explaining the differences between Cody Rhodes and himself with a carjacking analogy.

Because it was awesome.

So awesome that we’ve done more than talk about it. We’ve meme-d the summabitch, turned it sideways, and made it go viral.

Even the guy who was on color commentary during Anderson’s promo is obsessed with it.

But CM Punk is far from the only one. Check out some of these beauties.

One of my favorite ones made it all the way to Armed, er - I mean Arn. And like a true worker, he’s also ready turned the Sopranos-fied logo of his name into merch.

Better buy one. Otherwise Anderson might pull out the Glock, point it at your forehead, and...

* Honestly, lots of folks are talking about all these things. Arn’s Glock is just the most fun. It’s not even my favorite part of the promo (“I’m Arn Anderson, and all that implies” is one of the most badass things I’ve ever heard a human being say about themself), but we’ll be using the gun meme for the rest of our wrestling fan lives.

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