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Hikaru Shida survived the zombie apocalypse

AEW is presenting night one of New Year’s Smash on tonight’s (Jan. 6) episode of Dynamite.

The women’s championship was featured in a match where Hikaru Shida defended the gold against the undead Abadon. Abadon recently sunk her teeth into Shida and removed a chunk of flesh, so it was unclear what condition the champ would be in for this fight.

Shida started off hot, with a cane shot right to Abadon’s skull before the match even began:

However, Abadon did the Undertaker zombie sit-up thing, and was clearly prepared to endure way more punishment than that.

Shida’s neck was visibly wounded from the bite from a couple weeks ago. And Abadon was looking to draw even more blood in this match. She tried sinking her teeth into Shida’s thigh this time. And like any good zombie, Abadon eventually dragged Shida under the ring, only to emerge with blood dripping from her mouth.

Despite dealing with a zombie apocalypse inside a wrestling ring, Shida proved to be fearless. She fought back with a dive and a superplex, and eventually put the challenger away with her sliding knee finisher. It will take more than one zombie to subdue Shida for good, that’s for sure.

Did you get what you were hoping for from Shida vs. Abadon?

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