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Tony Khan buys music rights to classic 80s song as Jungle Boy’s AEW theme

Tony Khan is on a spending spree. He recently purchased the music rights for, “Ol’ ‘55,” by Tom Waits in perpetuity, so AEW’s Brodie Lee tribute can last forever. Khan also plans on using the $100 from his grandmother’s Christmas gift on buying ad time during Impact Wrestling. Khan’s latest expenditure involves a classic 80s song.

If you watched AEW Dark last night, you may have noticed Jungle Boy entered to the tune of, “Tarzan Boy,” by Baltimora. Oh, oh, oh, OHOHOHO....

It turns out that Khan bought the rights for that song as well.

As for Taz singing along, he was genuinely surprised by the music.

Personally, I enjoyed Taz’s spontaneous exuberance of enthusiasm.

Jungle Boy has used, “Tarzan Boy,” as his entrance theme while working on the indies. The song charted on the Billboard Hot 100 for six months and peaked at #13. With his new jam, Jungle Boy can now live the jungle life in AEW.

Are you happy for Jungle Boy and his song? Is the chorus of, “Tarzan Boy,” now stuck in your head? Which music should Tony Khan buy rights to next?

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