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AEW Dark recap (Jan. 5, 2021): Brodie Lee Jr. tried to fight Marko Stunt

Episode 69 of AEW Dark featured Nyla Rose dishing out pain, Sammy Guevara working hard, and Brodie Lee Jr. picking a fight with Marko Stunt.

The most newsworthy moment came courtesy of Brodie Lee Jr. -1 cut off Marko Stunt’s promo before he had a chance to speak. -1 discredited Stunt’s success as having bigger tag partners in Jurassic Express. When -1 grows up, he’ll be coming to fight Stunt. A pull apart skirmish ensued with Cody Rhodes, Matt Jackson, QT Marshall, Bryce Remsburg, and Tony Khan acting as security. Stunt left the ring, and -1 chased after him.

-1 returned after the main event to insult Luther.

Here’s the Dark lineup with ratings (watch, solid, okay, pass) on which matches are worth your time toward Dynamite:

  • Jungle Boy vs. Nick Comoroto (okay)
  • Nyla Rose vs. Alex Gracia (okay)
  • Scorpio Sky vs. Ariel Levy (okay)
  • Fenix vs. Aaron Solow (solid)
  • Louie Valle vs. Brandon Cutler (okay)
  • Angel Fashion vs. Peter Avalon (okay)
  • Ivelisse & Diamante vs. KiLynn King & Tesha Price (solid)
  • Gunn Club vs. Mike Verna & Bear Country (okay)
  • Vipress vs. Shanna (okay)
  • Baron Black vs. Matt Sydal (solid)
  • Ashley Vox vs. Thunder Rosa (okay)
  • Lee Johnson & Shawn Dean vs. The Acclaimed (okay)
  • Fuego Del Sol vs. Danny Limelight (solid)
  • Frankie Kazarian vs. Griff Garrison vs. Angelico vs. Darius Martin (solid)
  • Sammy Guevara vs. Michael Nakazawa (okay)
  • 5 vs. Serpentico (solid)

There were several really good matches this week. The four-way singles bout would be first choice to watch. The main event would be second choice. For the women, the tag contest and Thunder Rosa were cool as well.

Watch the show here.

Excalibur teamed with Taz to call the action. Justin Roberts was the ring announcer.

Jungle Boy defeated Nick Comoroto. Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt were ringside. Jungle Boy’s high energy overmatched the power advantage of Comoroto. Jungle Boy won using a backflip double knee drop to his opponent’s back then an STF choke.

Nyla Rose defeated Alex Gracia. The underdog wasted no time in an aggressive attack, but Rose weathered the storm to quickly dominate with a Samoan drop, clothesline, and Beast Bomb. Afterward, Vickie Guerrero grabbed a mic to taunt Gracia. She stepped on Gracia’s head while Nyla set up a table. Gracia was powerbombed through the wood.

Scorpio Sky defeated Ariel Levy. Sky was all business and no smiles. He had to work hard to put Levy away. A dropkick and a TKO did the trick. Sky was arrogant on the cover by resting his elbow on Levy’s face.

Fenix defeated Aaron Solow. Pentagon was ringside. Solow took it to Fenix until an explosive kick from the luchador knocked him out of the ring. Fenix had momentum, but Solow came back with a suplex and almost won on a roll-up. Fenix ended any notion of an upset with a rolling cutter then a Fire Thunder Driver for the win.

Brandon Cutler defeated Louie Valle. In a battle of dragon versus dragon breath, the dragon rained pain with a TPK for victory. Cutler has now won 8 in a row.

Peter Avalon defeated Angel Fashion. Avalon brought out a fashionista for Pretty Peter’s Pageant Provocation. Fashion had momentum after a flying dropkick, but he rammed into the corner when Avalon dodged a spear. Pretty Peter pounced with a double knees attack to win. He left his victim with a signed 8 x 10 photo.

Ivelisse & Diamante defeated KiLynn King & Tesha Price. King and Price worked well as a unit with teamwork maneuvers, but the sicarias pulled out a nifty trick from their bag. Ivelisse hopped on King’s back for an octopus submission. Diamante made the blind tag to take King down for a shoulder lock by using King’s own arm to choke herself.

Also of note during this match, Taz discussed adding a female member to his crew. Fans have been asking, but he has no answers. Taz doesn’t know who would be top choice or even if there will be a new member, and he is the man who should know. There are so many talented women who have caught his eye.

Gunn Club defeated Mike Verna & Bear Country. Colten was worked over leading to a hot tag for Austin. The match broke down into chaos and heavy moves. Austin rose up in the end to pin Verna on a hip toss neckbreaker.

Shanna defeated Vipress. Shanna handled business. A low dropkick to the face as her opponent was in the ropes and a double underhook driver won it.

Matt Sydal defeated Baron Black. An action-packed bout that saw Black have answers for Sydal’s tendencies. Sydal was still too good and took it home with a roundhouse kick and cradle slam.

Thunder Rosa defeated Ashley Vox. Thunder Rosa had new gear with bolero flare. She was dominant early until Vox flashed her fighting spirit with a spinning flatliner. Vox also escaped a Thunder Driver for a roll-up. Rosa stepped it up a gear with a spinning fireman’s carry neckbreaker and a Thunder Driver for victory.

The Acclaimed defeated Lee Johnson & Shawn Dean. Max Caster rapped disses about Johnson carrying the Nightmare Family’s bag and Dean’s captain gimmick being whack. The Acclaimed was in trouble when Johnson hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on Bowens. Caster made the save then took out Dean. Johnson was hit with a suplex and a teamwork crossbody suplex. Dean returned to break the pin and was promptly sent packing again. The Acclaimed finished Johnson with a teamwork hanging slam.

Danny Limelight defeated Fuego Del Sol. A flashy competitive bout containing highlights of a moonsault by Fuego to the floor, a powerbomb backstabber by Limelight, and a straitjacket neckbreaker by Fuego. Limelight rose to the occasion for his first win in AEW on a Spanish Fly slam variation.

Frankie Kazarian defeated Griff Garrison, Angelico, and Darius Martin in four-way mayhem. All respective tag partners were ringside. In the end, the brawling teammates were taken out by Martin on a plancha. Garrison blasted Angelico with a rolling elbow strike. Kaz hit an inverted DDT on Garrison for the win.

Sammy Guevara defeated Michael Nakazawa. Sammy was smooth throughout. He even wore a gold chain while wrestling. Nakazawa used his Turkish baby oil tricks leading to a spear and an Olympic slam. When it came time for Nak’s red undies, Guevara turned the tide to win with his GTH knee strike finisher. After the match, Sammy cut a promo about carrying the whole show. 2021 is a new year, but he’ll keep being great. He doesn’t need a change in the calendar to work hard. Guevara proclaimed that he will be a champion in 2021.

5 defeated Serpentico. Luther was ringside and became physically involved at times. In the end, 5 escaped impact from a poison rana to land on his feet. He put Serpentico down with a standing Spanish Fly then attacked Luther with a suicide dive. 5 finished Serpentico with a wingsnapper.

Jungle Boy was the show-stealer for me. I was impressed at how he had little trouble in handling the size challenge from Comoroto. I really liked the submission finish. That STF as a choke looked much more brutal then the more traditional crossface version. It is something that Jungle Boy could use against any opponent as his career progresses with bigger fights.

Speaking of submissions, Ivelisse and Diamante were badass as well. Scorpio Sky has me wondering if his attitude change means will be on the bad side soon enough. Baron Black stood out as enhancement talent against Sydal. He upped his game and had his best match on Dark that I can recall.

Share your thoughts on Dark. Who stood out most for episode 69? Which was your favorite match?

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