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Give us Sting as AEW World Champion in 2021

All Elite Wrestling

With a new year upon us, optimism is riding high. It is a good time to dream big and make wishes, so here’s my wish list for AEW in 2021.

Sting as world champ

Yes, I realize that Sting as AEW World Champion sounds much better on paper than the execution would likely be. At 61 years of age, it is questionable whether or not Sting has what it takes to physically compete at a high level. Despite that, I still think it would be a great moment to see Sting reach the mountaintop one last time. It helps that Kenny Omega is so outlandish and over-the-top. Omega’s cartoonish arrogance makes me want Sting to be the one to dethrone him. Plus, I’d like to see what the Best Bout Machine could pull out of ole Stinger.

Mike Tyson vs Shaquille O’Neal

Talk about a dream encounter. Tyson fighting Shaq would be so ridiculous that it would blow my mind, and it is a moment that I would always remember. Now, I don’t need to see them in a one-on-one contest. I’m thinking on opposing sides of a trios match. Tyson could team with Cody Rhodes and a youngster, while Shaq would be anchored by Chris Jericho and another fresh face. That way Tyson and Shaq could be used sparingly and smartly, while the others carry the action. But when the time comes for a physical contact between Tyson and Shaq, the roof would blow off the building.

Hikaru Shida to run the table

I want to see Hikaru Shida be a fighting champion and retain the AEW Women’s Championship for all of 2021. Shida is so much better in the ring than any other of the current regulars. I’d rather have AEW wait until the rest of the division improves instead of making a title change just for the sake of change. The majority of the AEW women’s roster has gotten so much better throughout 2020, so I think another year of seasoning would put a handful of ladies in position to truly carry the division in 2022. In the meantime, Shida can develop her legacy as one of the greats.

FTW hoss fights

The idea of a hoss fighting division makes me salivate, however, the shelf life of beefy matchups may not have much longevity and be unworthy of a new championship. That’s why I’d like to see more competition for the FTW title. It is already being held by a muscle machine in Brian Cage, and the FTW strap has enough history to be valued as a prize. One plus one equals hoss fight delight. All the big guys in AEW need more action other than being set up to lose high profile matches. This would accomplish that and also give us badass fights.

That’s my wish list for 2021. Let’s hear yours. What do you really want to see happen in AEW for the new year?

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