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AEW Dynamite recap & reactions (Jan. 27, 2021): Biz Cliz party

AEW Dynamite (Jan. 27, 2021) emanated from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL. The show featured Lance Archer and Eddie Kingston in a furious fist fight and a Biz Cliz party with an in-ring reunion for the Young Bucks and the Good Brothers.

Get caught up on all the Dynamite details with the excellent live results and play-by-play from Claire Elizabeth.

Biz Cliz party

The main event of the evening was a reunion of the Biz Cliz in the ring for the first time in five years. The Young Bucks and the Good Brothers were on the same page until Kenny Omega and Don Callis entered the scene. Omega wanted to chat about the Bucks beating up Callis. The Jacksons said Callis was full of crap, which lends credence to the theory that Callis faked the attack last week. The Bucks’ music hit, so they exited toward the ring.

The opponents for the Biz Cliz party were Dark Order’s lineup of Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, John Silver, and Alex Reynolds. Johnny Hungee wanted a piece of the Big LG. Luke Gallows mocked the height difference. When he dropped to one knee, Silver unloaded forearm blows. That was a good way to set the tone for the Dark Order to leave comedy behind in this bout.

The 8-man action was full of flash and sizzle. Dark Order almost pulled a huge upset when Matt Jackson was pummeled with the German suplex sequence of Reynolds & Silver and the Fatality finisher from Uno & Grayson. Karl Anderson made the save on the cover.

The Bullet Club rallied as Nick Jackson ran wild with superkicks and flying attacks. The Biz Cliz followed with a three-way powerbomb session onto the apron to Grayson, Reynolds, and Silver. Grayson ate a four-way superkick party. Evil Uno made the save on the pinfall.

Uno was dispatched with a Magic Killer from the Good Brothers. The Bucks closed the book on Grayson with a Meltzer Driver.

That was a solid performance from the Dark Order to help shed their jobber stigma. Hanging with the Bullet Club is no easy feat. Eventually, the cream rose to the top. The Elite’s elite skills shined brighter to take care of business.

The show did not end there. The Bucks announced that they had entered next week’s #1 tag team contender battle royale. If they win, then they will get to personally choose their opponents for the Revolution PPV on March 7. The Jackson boys made it clear that their pick would be the Good Brothers. Anderson and Gallows kept it friendly with a too sweet salute.

That’s when Fenix ran out to dropkick the Bucks. Moxley entered to take out the Good Brothers. Omega tried to use his boot to injure Moxley’s eye, but Mox anticipated the attack to react with a Paradigm Shift.

The final conclusion with Fenix and Moxley was paint by numbers, but pandemonium is always cool. I wish the Bucks didn’t cut that promo. It removed much of the intrigue for next week’s battle royale to make them 99% favorites for victory. However, if AEW does go the obvious direction of Bucks versus Good Brothers, then I applaud the simple creativity in crafting a sensible reason for Anderson and Gallows to jump the contender line.

Fist fight

Lance Archer finally got his hands on Eddie Kingston in a singles match, and it was great. Archer was amped up on the stage. That electricity flowed over to me in excitement as a viewer. A bitter slugfest would soon be upon us. The match started as it should have, with Kingston attacking before the opening bell.

Archer smiled at Kingston’s feeble chops then knocked the blowhard down with a big boot to the chest. Archer dominated with power, so Kingston had to neutralize the Murderhawk Monster with cheap tricks. He thumbed Archer in the eyes and bit his forehead. Kingston went to work on Archer’s leg, but it wasn’t long before the monster was back to blasting Kingston. In the most painful maneuver of the match, Archer chokeslammed Kingston over the ropes down onto the apron and crashing to the floor.

Kingston tried to use strategic plans of attack, but they would be quickly stifled by Archer. The big man was more intent on doing damage than actual victory. There were a few occasions when Archer could have earned a three count, however, he decided to keep the pain train chugging on the tracks. That lust for violence ended up costing Archer in the end.

Part of Kingston’s game plan was to convince Archer to send Jake Roberts to the back, so the two men could fight solo. Kingston honored his word by appearing without Butcher and Blade. And therein lied the trick. For the conclusion, Butcher and Blade came out dragging a beaten down Roberts. Bunny used that distraction to hand brass knuckles to Kingston. Fast Eddie exploded for a brutal spinning backfist to crush Archer for the win.

Afterward, Kingston connected with another spinning backfist and his family executed their powerbomb/neckbreaker combo.

That fight was an excellent way to extend the feud. Kingston is so unlikable as a bad guy that I find great enjoyment in seeing him get splattered. Archer put a smile on my face from bell to bell. That may sound cruel or sadistic, but I don’t feel bad since Kingston could have quit at any time. He chose to proceed, and I thank him for it.

And just like that, Kingston proved to be a tactical genius. He played Archer all the way to take advantage when necessary. Kingston escaped with victory as a scumbag cheater. That only increases my desire to see Archer pulverize him even more.

As for the match itself, the action was strong and ferocious. Kingston was very good at taking a beating. Archer was even better at being a monster. I loved how he took every legal punch Kingston could muster and used that force as energy for destruction. It wasn’t all pure animal instinct either. There was a very cool moment when Archer anticipated a spinning backfist and blocked it with ease. If round two is on the Revolution PPV, then take my money.

Let’s jam through the rest of Dynamite.

Sex in the morning. Jon Moxley put out another grade A promo. He is a simple guy that likes beer cold, coffee hot, and sex in the morning because it is a good way to start the day. Preach! Moxley is ready to saddle up for gang warfare with PAC and Fenix by his side next week against Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers.

Moxley blended humor and threats for violence seamlessly. He sold me hard with sex... I mean anticipation for chaos. Nice touch to acknowledge the awkward relationship between himself, PAC, and Fenix. AEW isn’t taking us for fools with no memory. I appreciate that.

Hoodlums. Sting and Darby Allin tried to act rough and tough about Taz’s street fight challenge. Allin said it doesn’t matter if you play dirty in the streets. It is all about survival. Both men went forth with the breaking of window panes.

That was soft. I would not be scared by those two hoodlums. Let’s go, Team Taz!

Chris Jericho & MJF defeated Varsity Blonds. Brian Pillman Jr. and Griff Garrison gave a solid effort with fun cleaning house moments, but the upset was not meant to be. Pillman springboarded into a Judas Effect from Jericho. Le Champion added a Lionsault for good measure. Ortiz pulled Garrison off the apron to prevent a breakup of the pin.

Many may disagree, but I think the Judas Effect is one of the best finishers in professional wrestling. It is brutal and versatile. When hit just right, it makes me ooh and aah. Jericho’s Lionsault was a dandy as well. Stick it to those haters, Le Champion. I love his smile of self-satisfaction on the pin.

After the match, MJF and Sammy Guevara were glaring at each other. In a later segment, MJF approached Guevara to claim Wardlow’s interference last week came unsolicited. Guevara wasn’t buying that bull and saw right through MJF. It appeared that MJF finally accepted that he wasn’t going to succeed in charming Sammy.

Billy big bollocks. PAC presented his unique style of promo. The target of his ire was Kenny Omega, aka Billy big bollocks. PAC was tired of Omega taking liberties to manipulate, cheat, and attack from behind like a dirty mongrel. There will be consequences next week.

Another effective promo to build anticipation for next week’s trios main event. Moxley and PAC have me believing that the match is going to be insane. I hope AEW gives them at least 20 minutes to rock the house in an instant classic.

Cody vs Shaq. Earlier in the evening during the AEW awards show, Shaquille O’Neal issued a challenge to battle that little punk Cody Rhodes in March. During Dynamite, Cody came out to respond. It was supposed to be Cody & Brandi versus Shaq & Jade Cargill, but life happened. Since Brandi has been pregnant, he hasn’t been fully focused. Cody passed decision duties over to coach Arn Anderson. AA brought out Red Velvet as a fiery replacement. The ball was back in Shaq’s court to accept the tag bout for Revolution.

Hell yeah! I’ve long been eager to see Shaq step in the wrestling wrong. Believe it or not, I was actually bummed when he backed out against Big Show. Needless to say, I’m excited for the tag team bout. I am also expecting to see Jade hit some moves on Cody, which only adds to the craziness. This bout could set up two new stars in Jade and Velvet.

Hangman Page defeated Ryan Nemeth. This was a showcase bout for Hangman with a touch of comedy from Nemeth, who shared a cocky attitude and a few similar mannerisms with his brother Dolph Ziggler. Nemeth had a surprise spike DDT to add drama, but there was never any doubt that Hangman would win with a buckshot lariat.

The real story was Matt Hardy coming down to observe the cowboy. After the win, Hardy claimed that he was only there for support. Hardy believes that Hangman didn’t deserve to be burned by Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. Hardy wanted Hangman to know that the cowboy is a good person and deserves happiness. Hardy invited Hangman to use his spacious locker room with no strings attached. Hangman was sheepish without comment.

It was a caring gesture from Hardy, but it is hard to believe he is on the up and up after the way he is treating Private Party. If Hangman falls for any of Hardy’s sweet talk, then he is just stupid at this point. I wouldn’t mind seeing a mini feud between Hangman and Hardy though.

Jungle Boy defeated Dax Harwood. The stipulation was that Cash Wheeler and Tully Blanchard were both handcuffed to Luchasaurus to prevent any interference. Marko Stunt had been sent to the back by Jungle Boy. This turned out to be a cool rule. The concept was wacky and fun, yet it did not overshadow any of the action.

Speaking of action, this was a high-quality match. The story was the young up-and-comer against the grizzled veteran. Highlights were a rugged slap exchange, all of Harwood’s stiff uppercuts, Harwood with a slingshot into a Liger bomb, and Harwood faking a punch to set up a DDT. I didn’t list Jungle Boy much, but he more than carried his load of the excitement. Jungle Boy was victorious after transitioning into a Snare Trap submission.

That result actually surprised me. I didn’t think Jungle Boy would pull out the win in this stage of the game. The match as a whole was a solid step in Jungle Boy’s development as a wrestler. It was the type of performance to build toward superstardom.

The aftermath was hilarious. As soon as Blanchard and Wheeler were uncuffed, Tully threw white powder in the dinosaur’s eyes. FTR beat up Jungle Boy with a slingshot suplex then crushed Luchasaurus on a spike piledriver. They even had the audacity to cut the horns off Luchasaurus’ mask. They teased cutting Jungle Boy’s hair until Marko Stunt with a chair, SCU, and Top Flight ran out.

Just like Eddie Kingston, FTR ramped up the fire of heel heat. They didn’t just throw a log on the pile. They threw a whole tree in the furnace after cutting off Luchasaurus’ horns. I can’t wait to see the dinosaur go on a rampage.

Team Taz. The crew acted tough by beating up some vendors selling Sting and Darby Allin merch.

I take back what I said before about rooting for Team Taz. This promo battle was a wash tonight.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD defeated Shanna. Reba was ringside to provide timely distractions. In the end, Baker escaped a tiger driver to apply her Lockjaw submission to win. Afterward, Baker punished Shanna even more with a curb stomp and another Lockjaw. Thunder Rosa ran out for the save. Baker and Reba scurried away.

Baker showed good physicality and intensity. It should be a great match next week against Thunder Rosa, who excels in those same areas.

Notes: Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford cut a promo to hype their wedding next week. Miro and butler Charles Taylor will be there too. Yippee!

Riho versus Serena Deeb was announced as the first match in the upcoming women’s tournament. Hot damn! If that bout is an indicator, then the level of talent in the field should be stacked.

Stud of the Show: Tully Blanchard

There’s nothing like throwing powder in the eyes of an adversary. Credit to the savvy villain for going old school.

Dud of the Show: Jungle Boy theme song chants

“Tarzan Boy,” is a superb choice of theme music for Jungle Boy. I can’t share the same level of enthusiasm for the chorus chant from wrestlers as fans ringside. It was off-pitch and sounded like caterwauling. They also did it way too often throughout the match. The chant became more of an annoyance than a rallying cry in support of Jungle Boy.

Grade: B+

Dynamite offered a bevy of memorable moments. As usual, the in-ring action was entertaining in its own way. AEW did well in hyping next week’s Beach Break to create anticipation and eagerness. The down side was that several of the matches had predictable outcomes.

Share your thoughts about Dynamite. How do you rate it? Who stole the show?

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