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AEW Rewind: Eddie Kingston killer promo, Pentagon imposter, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Wednesday night Dynamite.

We’ll start with magnificent news. Now, you can own a piece of heaven with the immortalization of the Kenny Omega and Don Callis beefcake painting on t-shirts and posters.

It makes me laugh uncontrollably thinking about the reaction of the average person to seeing someone walk around town with that shirt.

The latest edition of, “Road to AEW Dynamite,” featured background on Ryan Nemeth, Chris Jericho and MJF as a tag team, Eddie Kingston versus Lance Archer, and Jungle Boy discussing his match against Dax Wheeler.

The star of that show was the killer promo from Kingston. His words are strong, but it is his delivery with cadence and tone that makes it truly shine.

Kingston: Yeah, this all started at the Casino Battle Royale. Real simple, bro. It’s not my fault. The rules are the rules.

Now you’re saying, oh, I bitched and moaned, I started this, I did this and that. You’re right, man. I know what I do is wrong, but I do it strong, dog.

You talk about everybody dies. No shit, everybody dies. We’ve lost people in the past two years. I lost my uncle on Tuesday, January 19th, and I still came to work. So, don’t intimidate me with death. I miss my family members who are gone. I miss my friends who are gone. I have no problem seeing them again. I can finally get some peace.

The real question is this though, brother. There’s two of them. Two really important ones. One, are you willing to go out on your shield like I am? Are you willing to put me on my shield? Because I am willing to put you on yours. And now you talk about my friends and I surround myself with this and that. They’re my friends. I’ve known them for years. I’ve seen them suffer. They’ve suffered with me. Has Jake suffered with you? Or is Jake just a snake? Don’t get mad if he bites you, bro. That’s part of their instinct. How about this, man? I’ll leave my crew behind. I’ll tell them straight up do not come out at all. Do you have the balls to tell that to Jake?

Lance Archer, we’ve never fought each other. I’m going to fight you. You may beat up everyone else, but I’m going to fight you.

For eagle-eyed viewers of Dynamite, they may have noticed chicanery in the scene of Kenny Omega beating up Pentagon backstage. Credit to Luchablog for noticing that it appears to be an imposter behind the mask. The person that was stomped didn’t have Pentagon’s cero miedo hand tattoos.

That’s not to imply that an imposter is part of the story, although, perhaps Christopher Daniels was dressing up like Pentagon. He’s done it before in a Fenix mask. It would be funny if Omega and the Good Brothers beat up Daniels by accident. It’s also not the first time AEW used camera tricks on pretenders. Nick Jackson’s leg was once shown on a superkick when he wasn’t actually in the building.

Arn Anderson was not pleased that Peter Avalon blew a kiss at him. He thought Cody Rhodes should have dispatched that chump in under one minute.

MJF stole the win in the Inner Circle tag team triple threat last week, but he claims any assistance from Wardlow was not requested.

Chris Jericho might show off with two Lionsaults next time he is in the ring.

Jericho also posted a photo of his abs. I’d like to assume it was to quiet haters on his physique, but he does seem like the type of person that would flex sex naturally on his own.

For those keeping count, the Dark Order might have a new member, or at least unofficially. On last week’s pre-show, -1 handed a mask to Alex Abrahantes.

Being the Elite

“Fender Bender” - Being The Elite, Ep. 240 (here) featured:

  • The Good Brothers gloated about injuring Pentagon, while the Young Bucks thought it was taken too far. It was OG Bullet Club tactics. The Good Brothers didn’t want the Bucks to get soft.
  • The Bucks were at Kenny Omega’s beachfront house setting up the segment on last week’s Dynamite. They were mesmerized by the ocean waves.
  • Brandon Cutler accidentally swiped Christopher Daniels’ car as he was pulling in to the parking lot.
  • The Bucks asked Private Party if they made a heel turn. The Bucks see the manipulation going on. Matt Hardy came in to defend Private Party and convince them of continuing their path to earning big money.
  • Kris Statlander abducted Jungle Boy.
  • Alex Abrahantes mixed a glass of purple Kool-Aid. Dasha Gonzalez, Santana, Ortiz, and Sammy Guevara investigated why everyone was drinking purple punch.
  • Dark Order was saddened about Hangman Page declining membership. Fingers of blame were pointed all around. They regrouped to have a slumber party.
  • Statlander and Jungle Boy put Mentos candy in cans of Coca-Cola. It didn’t explode as anticipated, so she kicked him out of her spaceship.
  • The next BTE Championship challenger was determined by who could hang on a pull-up bar the longest. Sammy Guevara defeated Fuego del Sol, Luchasaurus, Shawn Dean, and Ryan Nemeth with a time of 2:05. Next week’s competition will be kicking field goals.
  • Cutler fell asleep in the airport again.

As it pertains to Dynamite, the opening scene further establishes the vibe between the Young Bucks and the Good Brothers. There was a sense of friendly tension. The Bucks have sort of grown up and matured, while Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are still the same old knuckleheads.

We’ll close with a new music video from The Acclaimed.

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