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New stipulation for Jungle Boy versus Dax Harwood involves handcuffs

AEW is about to get freaky. They are bringing in handcuffs for a new stipulation to Jungle Boy versus Dax Harwood on Dynamite.

The match was set up as a one-on-one showdown with Harwood being confident that he could defeat Jungle Boy all by himself. Luchasaurus is making Harwood back up his words by being ringside to ensure that neither Cash Wheeler nor Tully Blanchard try to interfere.

AEW took it one step further with a special stipulation. Wheeler and Blanchard will both be handcuffed to Luchasaurus.

I hope Wheeler and Blanchard don’t forget their safe word, because they are about to get some naughty dinosaur action. Too bad AEW conveniently forgot to muzzle Marko Stunt. FTR should be suspicious that Stunt will cross the line. I propose that AEW amends the stipulation to strap Stunt to Luchasaurus back.

Harwood was not pleased upon hearing the news.

Wheeler is a little more on board with the stipulation, since he is confident that Harwood will teach Jungle Boy a lesson. Harwood is planning to live up to Wheeler’s expectations.

If that wasn’t enough motivation for Harwood, his young daughter wrote that she loves seeing him beat Jungle Boy.

Where do you stand on the handcuff stipulation? Is it too silly for your taste or right up your alley as ridiculous fun injected into the world of professional wrestling?

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