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Dolph Ziggler’s brother to debut on AEW Dynamite

After turning down the Dark Order’s invitation to join, Hangman Page will resume his singles career on the next episode of AEW Dynamite. His opponent is a surprising choice with a familiar last name.

Enter Ryan Nemeth. Nemeth is the younger brother of Dolph Ziggler. He worked with WWE in FCW and NXT from 2011 to 2013 before moving on to future endeavors. Who would have guessed that his future would include AEW?

Nemeth is a brand ambassador for Ryback’s Feed Me More nutrition line. Hangman may have a tougher time than anticipated in squashing Nemeth, since the Hollywood Hunk is in peak physical condition.

Nemeth is also a skilled painter of dog portraits.

Perhaps he can bring one to the ring to smash over Hangman’s head.

As for big brother, Ziggler will be keeping a close eye on the competition, evidenced by his response to the announcement.

We may get a chance to see Nemeth in action prior to Dynamite. In a now deleted tweet, AEW announced Nemeth teaming with Vary Morales and Shawn Dean against the trio of Dustin Rhodes, QT Marshall, and Nick Comoroto on Dark.

How long do you think Nemeth will last against Hangman? Whose brother would you like to see next in an AEW ring?

Update: AEW re-posted the lineup for Dark without the Nemeth trios bout.

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