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Matt Hardy involved in car crash (but he’s fine)

Matt Hardy posted a message early this morning showing the rear end of his car totaled with a message about people rubbernecking at wrecks. It was concerning, to say the least, though he did say “thank goodness I’m invincible.”

Later, he posted an update explaining the situation better while letting everyone know he’s okay:

“Just so the ‘net understands. Was driving home from Jacksonville on Friday & there was a wreck 25 mins away from my house. It created standstill traffic, which I had stopped in. A truck drove into my stopped car at about 40 mph, because he was rubbernecking the wreck. I am fine.”

Let this serve as a lesson to all drivers out on the road that you shouldn’t be staring at another wreck while actively in control of your own car. It can sometimes end like the picture you see above.

Let us also be thankful everyone came out of this okay.

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