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It looks like Sting has his first match in AEW

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Sting has done a lot of standing around and pointing a baseball bat thus far in his time on Dynamite. The Icon took it up a notch last week when he attacked Ricky Starks with a baseball bat in order to help Darby Allin defeat Brian Cage in a TNT championship match.

Taz and his boys didn’t take too kindly to Sting’s interference, so they told Sting that they’re done keeping things professional. It’s time to take this fight to the streets:

Sting whispered something into Darby’s ear, and the TNT champ then accepted the challenge.

The 61 year old Sting has previously said that he’s interested in taking part in cinematic matches in AEW, and a fight in the streets sounds to me like prime material for that type of content.

Are you looking forward to seeing how this fight in the street plays out?

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