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Don Callis is trying his best to pry Kenny Omega away from the Young Bucks

Last week’s episode of Dynamite included an angle where the Young Bucks were cast aside from an advertised 6-man tag team match with their pal Kenny Omega. They were replaced at the very last second by Impact Wrestling’s tag champions, the Good Brothers. The Young Bucks were just as surprised as the rest of us at how it all went down.

On tonight’s (Jan. 20) episode, they decided to pay Kenny Omega a visit at his house for an explanation, because he wasn’t taking their calls. Omega wasn’t home, but they did run into a very interesting piece of art:

Don Callis then showed his ugly face. He first tried to explain that everything from last week was just a rib to work the marks. The Bucks were skeptical, so Callis cut to the chase. It’s simple, really. The Young Bucks are like those neighborhood kids who are holding back their super talented best friend.

Nick and Matt Jackson had enough of Callis’ nonsense and seemingly took out their frustrations on Callis’ ugly face as the video ended.

Later in the show, Omega found Callis in the locker room. Don’s ugly face was visibly bruised, and Omega vowed to take out whoever did this to him. That’s when Callis slyly revealed that the Young Bucks were the perpetrators:

Uh oh...

Do you think Don Callis will succeed in ripping Omega away from the Bucks for good?

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