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AEW Rampage

Adam Cole spills the beans on how AEW kept his debut a secret

Adam Cole went all out to keep his AEW debut a secret.

AEW Rampage spoilers: Miro tries to win a car

Here are spoilers for the September 17 episode of AEW Rampage, featuring Miro in a Car vs. Title match, The Blade challenging for tag team gold, and more!

AEW’s New York City cards are nuts

Sting. Kenny Omega. Chris Jericho. The Young Bucks. Ruby Soho. Every big name you can think of has a match, and a story to go with it, heading into four hours of ‘Grand Slam’ television next week.

SmackDown’s numbers rise again as Rampage continues to find its floor

There’s really no bad news in the Sept. 10 ratings, but WWE is the only company that can brag its Friday night numbers are currently on the upswing.

Rampage recap & reactions: Two-faced Andrade

Yet another strong show from AEW, with a solid looking template that could serve them well on Friday nights in the future.

Bryan Danielson knows who he wants to face in his first AEW match

It turns out that Bryan Danielson is not targeting The Elite as a group.

Chavo Guerrero is already out as Andrade’s manager

Their relationship didn’t last long at all.

AEW Rampage results, open thread: PAC vs. Andrade

A match originally scheduled for All Out, Darby Allin’s first promo since losing to CM Punk at the PPV, and more on tape from Cincinnati!

AEW Rampage spoilers: Andrade vs. PAC

Here are spoilers for the Sept. 10 episode of AEW Rampage, featuring Andrade vs. PAC, Ruby Soho in trios action, Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Max Caster, Sting, Darby Allin, and more!

Title match raises SmackDown ratings, All Out push fails to do same for Rampage

The numbers for both pro wrestling/sports entertainment shows continue to impress, but only one had a key number go up on the eve of Labor Day weekend.

Rampage’s Miro/Eddie Kingston segment didn’t disappoint

The Sept. episode - the last show before All Out - continued the excellent build to CM Punk vs. Darby Allin, but it also gave us the TNT title feud moments we’ve been wanting. Check out that and all the highlights here.

Rampage recap & reactions: All Out fever

One final staredown between CM Punk and Darby Allin before the big showdown at "All Out."

Punk gets an up close look at Darby Allin’s suicide dive

The go-home angle for CM Punk vs. Darby Allin was exactly what it needed to be.

Malakai Black did it again

Malakai Black kicked the head off another member of the Nightmare Family.

AEW Rampage results, open thread: All Out go home

CM Punk will be on hand for the final push to Sunday’s PPV!

Khan is out here using thermodynamics to prove the TNT title is not a mid-card belt

Don’t you dare say the TNT title is a mid-card belt in front of Tony Khan.

Here’s what Punk will be doing on Rampage tomorrow

Punk plugs a hole that Rampage doesn’t have on the go home show for All Out.

Punk says he would have died if he stayed with WWE

CM Punk says WWE wasn’t interested in taking care of him, so he needed to take care of himself by leaving the company.

Surprise! CM Punk will be on Rampage

Not that we’re complaining...

Punk on those initials on his shoes, prepping for Darby’s suicide dive

AEW’s big signee is doing a lot of press ahead of his return to the ring at All Out, and covered some pressing wrestling fan questions. Totally honestly & seriously, we’re pretty sure.

SmackDown & Rampage top the ratings on Aug. 27

No wonder TV companies pay so much money for these scripted athletic exhibitions!

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State of the AEW Women's Division: August 2021

There was some promise but some of the same old, same old as well.

AEW books the cards for All Out go home editions of Dynamite & Rampage

Expect CM Punk content too, especially on Friday night.

Giannis marked out for AEW tag team wrestling

Watch the NBA Finals MVP be a fan, and check out highlights of the Lucha Bros/Jurassic Express match that popped him and everything that happened during the Aug. 27 Rampage in Milwaukee.

Rampage recap & reactions: Lucha Bros steal show

AEW continues rocking the house on Friday nights with its new show.

CM Punk is soaking up all the love he can in AEW, for however long it lasts

He was called upon to send the crowd home happy at "Rampage" in Milwaukee. See how he, along with Christian & Kazarian, did so.

Two title matches finalized for All Out

On the Aug. 27 Rampage, The Young Bucks found out who will challenge them in a Steel Cage match for the Tag Team belts. Plus, Miro finally got the Mad King.

AEW Rampage results, open thread: Tag Tournament Finals

Lots at stake in three All Out programs, and more from CM Punk.

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Random AEW thoughts

It's an exciting time in pro wrestling right now, mostly related to AEW and the moves the company has been making. There's a lot to think about.

CM Punk is set for his third straight AEW TV appearance

He said he’d be around Fridays, Wednesdays & PPV weekends. He ain’t lied yet.

Punk’s shoes might have a coded message about more big stars coming to AEW

A lot of wrestling fans are convinced that CM Punk’s shoes contain a coded message hinting at the AEW arrivals of Adam Cole and Bray Wyatt.

AEW Rampage spoilers: Tag tourney finals

Here are spoilers for the Aug. 27 episode of AEW Rampage, featuring Jurassic Express vs. Lucha Bros in the final match of the World Tag Team Championship Eliminator Tournament.


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