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AEW Previews

AEW better give us some cool dragon-themed ring gear tonight

We know what we want to see when Game of Thrones comes to Dynamite with Dragonslayer Daniel Garcia taking on American Dragon Bryan Danielson in a two out of three falls match. Tell us what you want to see, and get ready for the Aug. 17 Dynamite, right here.

‘Lionheart’ or not, it’s still just another Jericho/Moxley match

Get ready for Aug. 10’s Quake by the Lake edition of Dynamite here!

Tonight Wheeler Yuta proves he can beat Chris Jericho

Wheeler Yuta, master manipulator, goes one-on-one with Chris Jericho for a interim title shot! Plus, a dumpster match. Seriously. Everything you need to get ready for the Aug.3 Dynamite is here.

Yes! Yes! Yes! He’s back!

Bryan Danielson is back and The Blackpool Combat Club just became everyone’s problem.

There will be barbed wire EVERYWHERE

Eddie Kingston tries to exsanguinate The Painmaker in the very hilariously named Barbed Wire Everywhere match.

Can you believe the Tag Team Triple Threat is free?

AEW is blessing us with more championship matches! Tonight The Young Bucks put their titles on the line against two of AEW’s most formidable teams, and Wardlow makes his first TNT title defense.

One title seems more likely to change hands than another on Dynamite

Brody King and Wardlow both get shots, but if the night ends with a new champion, we know who we’re betting on. That, and more to get you ready for the July 6 episode!

Mox doesn’t get bloody... he stays bloody

Claudio Castagnoli joined The Blackpool Combat Club just in time for the blood sacrifice! It’s BLOOD & GUTS time kids! Get ready for tonight’s Dynamite with us!

Jericho could use a haircut

Tonight the build to BLOOD & GUTS begins with a haircut. Please let Chis Jericho walk out bald! That, and everything you need to get ready for the June 15 Road Rager edition of AEW Dynamite.

You gotta go through Mox!

The convoluted process to crown an interim World Champion begins tonight.

Welcome to The Summer of Punk 3.0

What does a CM Punk championship reign look like in 2022? That and more as we get you ready for June 1’s Double or Nothing fallout edition of Dynamite.

Extinction level event

Can Swerve and Lee or Starks and Hobbs play the part of the meteor to end Jurassic Express’ tag title reign? Let’s break it down together, folks.

There’s a lot riding on Dynamite’s CM Punk/Hangman Page face-off

And not just because it’s Double or Nothing’s go home show! Let’s talk about the World title feud, and everything AEW has planned for us on the May 25 episode as they try to convince us to buy Sunday’s PPV!

Get your guesses ready! The Jokers will be revealed tonight!

Tonight the jokers are wild, and we find out who the surprise entrants are in both the women’s and men’s Owen Hart Tournaments.

AEW didn’t wait to give us big Owen Cup matches

Tonight, three Owen Hart Tournament quarterfinals matches, a contract signing, a championship match and more! Get ready for the May 11 Dynamite right here!

Deonna Purrazzo, the ROH title & the curious case of AEW women’s wrestling

When in doubt bring in another division so you don’t have to write anything for your own. That, and a bit about everything coming our way on the May 4 Dynamite.

Who are we supposed to be cheering for in tonight’s TNT title Ladder Match?

The April 27 Dynamite features Dan Lambert’s protege against Tay Conti’s boyfriend, and we don’t know who to root for. Plus, besties beat the crap out each other for a spot in the Owen Hart Tournament and more. Get ready for all of it with us here.

AEW finally sends HOOK to Dynamite

The Cold Hearted Handsome Devil makes his Wednesday night debut. Plus, yet another coffin match, MJF shenanigans and more! Everything you need to get ready for AEW’s April 20 show is right here.

This is a Samoa Joe fan post now

Sure, other things will happen on the April 13 AEW Dynamite*, but really who cares? JOE JOE JOE JOE JOE JOE JOE JOE JOE JOE JOE JOE JOE (*Okay, fine, we’ll preview those too)


Samoa Joe makes his AEW debut tonight on Dynamite!

Is it Toni Time Now?

Tony Khan has a big surprise signing for the AEW women’s division tonight! Could it finally be Toni Time?

The most emo team in the history of our sport

The Hardys team up with Sting & Darby Allin to take on The AFO! Plus, CM Punk returns, MJF speaks and Chris Jericho wows us as only a Sports Entertainer could.

It’s finally Thunder Rosa’s night to become AEW Women’s champ (we think)

La Mera Mera ending Dr. Britt Baker’s reign in a steel cage match in her adopted hometown should be dope. If it happens this time. We talk about that while getting you ready for the Mar. 16 St. Patrick’s Slam edition of Dynamite.

AEW’s setting us up for some title changes

The Mar. 9 Dynamite is the Revolution fallout show, and features a TNT championship match and a Women’s title eliminator. We think both of those could be leading to new champs at next week’s St. Patrick’s Day Slam!

T-Minus Four Until Revolution

It’s the last Dynamite until Revolution! Prepare for all the drama!

Seven Teams Too Many

Tonight is going to be tag team chaos on AEW Dynamite! (No, not that kind of CHAOS)

An Old Feud Renewed

Will Sammy Guevara be focused enough to retain his TNT Championship(s) against Darby Allin, or will he be distracted by The Inner Circle’s family drama? Questions and possible answers as we get you ready for the Feb. 15 edition of AEW Dynamite.

Who is Tony Khan’s HUGE signing?

Will it be a shocking reveal or will the Twitter sleuths have something to gloat about? We keep talking about that as we preview the Feb. 9 Dynamite.

It’s finally clobberin’ time!

MJF and CM Punk will have an honest to goodness one-on-one wrestling match! It’ll probably have a clean finish with no interference, right? Let’s talk about that as we get ready for the Feb. 2 AEW Dynamite!

Lights out, dude!

There’s nothing as gnarly as a midwestern bloody beach brawl in January! Plus, a totally tubular TNT Championship ladder match and sick speeches.

The couple that slays together

Mixed tag team action, a triumphant return, a less exciting return and an in-ring debut tonight on AEW Dynamite!

Free Wardlow

MJF is once again hiding behind Wardlow.


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