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AEW Collision

Rumor Roundup: Mercedes Moné/AEW, Collision ticket sales, Jeff Jarrett heat, more!

The latest rumors, including negotiations between Tony Khan & the former Sasha Banks, seats not moving for AEW’s new show outside Chicago, an interesting trademark filing from Double-J, and more!

TK combines CM Punk return feud rumors for first Collision main event

The June 17 premiere of AEW’s new show will end with Punk & FTR vs. Bullet Club Gold & Samoa Joe!

Tony Khan finally talks CM Punk

AEW’s head honcho still isn’t saying much about the various controversies that swirled around his big star over the past year. But with his Collision return confirmed, he’s at least talking Punk’s importance to the company.

TK saved another big Collision announcement for this week’s Dynamite

AEW’s head honcho has been doling out the news on their new Saturday show, and on June 7 we’ll find out who’s main eventing the June 17 premiere.

Rumor Roundup: Vince at Raw, Lesnar vs. Rhodes III, Lacey Evans/Sgt. Slaughter, more!

The latest rumors, including Mr. McMahon & others making the trip to Raw last night, when the third Lesnar/Rhodes match will happen & with what stipulation, backstory on a gimmick infringement beef that blew up after SmackDown, and more!

Rumor Roundup: Punk return, AEW vs. NXT, Anarchy in the Arena, Carlito, more!

The latest rumors, including an update on AEW backstage heat on CM Punk, WWE’s bad strategy of going head-to-head against AEW, Anarchy in the Arena ideas shut down by the venue, Carlito’s return to WWE, the Young Bucks’ exploding superkick, WWE in India, and more!

CM Punk & Ace Steel reportedly ‘heavily involved’ in Collision creative

Which isn’t terribly surprising given what we know about how Tony Khan puts shows together, but like all things Punk seems to be generating a reaction.

Rumor Roundup: New WWE belt, Strowman surgery, Money in the Bank, more!

The latest rumors, including a new belt for Roman Reigns, an update on Braun Strowman’s injury, more candidates for the Money in the Bank ladder matches, Logan Paul’s WWE return, AEW Collision note on Punk, and more!

CM Punk’s return to AEW is best for business

The risk is worth the upside that Punk’s presence brings to AEW’s product, which is why it makes sense for Tony Khan to bring him back.

The Rock’s reunion with Vin Diesel sounds a lot like CM Punk’s dysfunctional return to AEW

Who knew that a pro wrestling brand split was how Hollywood solves their backstage problems too?

Kevin Nash uses Jade Cargill to point out AEW’s biggest problem

Nash apparently hasn’t watched AEW in months, but that won’t stop him from diagnosing the company’s biggest flaw.

Tony Khan officially announces CM Punk as the star of AEW Collision

After months of drama, Punk will make his latest return Sat., June 17 in Chicago.

Rumor Roundup: Vince changes, AEW injuries, Cargill loss, NXT call-ups, more!

The latest rumors, including Mr. McMahon calling in script edits, injury updates on MJF & Jamie Hayter after Double or Nothing, how long the TBS title change has been in the works, AEW & WWE roster plans, and more!

TK talks Goldberg, Toni threatens Mercedes, and more from the DoN media scrum

Highlights and noteworthy items from a relatively (but not completely) drama-free AEW post-PPV presser right here.

CM Punk hypes AEW Collision after Double or Nothing

The roster for the show he posted on his Instagram Story isn’t going to happen, but we doubt he’d be tagging Ticketmaster if he wasn’t trying to move tickets to what reportedly will be his return show in Chicago.

Rumor Roundup: CM Punk is back, Ace Steel status, WWE cuts, Cody plan, more!

The latest rumors, including CM Punk’s return to AEW, his final meeting and agreement with Tony Khan, WWE roster cuts are coming, Cody Rhodes plans at Money in the Bank, AEW wrestlers are unhappy, and more!

Tony Khan’s latest big announcement paves the way for CM Punk’s return to AEW

CM Punk’s return to AEW is still a secret, but it’s almost certainly happening now.

Report: CM Punk will return to AEW for the Collision premiere in Chicago

Tony Khan has exciting news to share about AEW Collision.

Rumor Roundup: Punk/AEW issues, Mercedes Moné plans, WWE WHC, more!

The latest rumors, including where the locker room stands on CM Punk & Tony Khan’s feud, possible AEW legal action, Collision ticket sales, if the former Sasha Banks’ injury changed New Japan’s booking, her future with the company, how WWE will treat its new(?) best, and more!

Rumor Roundup: Seth Rollins, Bianca Belair heel turn, Cameron Grimes plans, more!

The latest rumors, including Seth Rollins’ being favored early, talk of a heel turn for a popular champion, support for Cameron Grimes, and more!

Rumor Roundup: CM Punk backup plan, Wyatt status, AEW video game date, more!

The latest rumors, including AEW’s backup plan for their CM Punk problem, Bray Wyatt’s WWE status, Drew McIntyre creative issue, AEW Fight Forever video game release date, Seth Rollins going Hollywood, and more!

It sounds like AEW tried to keep Ace Steel’s re-hiring a secret

A more detailed account of what happened this week with CM Punk & WBD’s Collision announcement claims that "top people" and "key talent" were kept in the dark about Steel being brought back weeks ago.

Rumor Roundup: Roman Reigns plan, CM Punk replaced, Hayter, Willow, more!

The latest rumors, including WWE’s plan for Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank, Night of Champions triple main event, Jamie Hayter’s injury status, AEW Collision roster, CM Punk replaced, Willow cameo, and more!

Rumor Roundup: CM Punk & Ace Steel, AEW roster split, Fight Forever release, NXT PLE

The latest rumors, including what Punk & AEW’s disagreement is on Steel’s return to the company, conflicting reports on how the Dynamite/Collision rosters will be handled, when AEW’s video game will be out, when NXT’s next streaming event will be held, and more!

Tony Khan will tell us the site of the first Collision next week

We’ll let you decide why you think AEW announced locations for the five weeks after the premiere, but not the city & venue for June 17... a show that was planned as ‘The Second Coming’ of CM Punk.

CM Punk dismisses Collision rumors as ‘toxic gossip from lying sources’

The lightning rod AEW star also encourages ‘fringe fans’ to ‘touch grass’ in the latest update to this seemingly neverending story.

CM Punk’s status for AEW Collision rumored to hinge on Ace Steel

It may still just be a desire to keep Punk’s return a surprise. But there’s apparently a lot of talk behind the scenes that Punk wants his Brawl Out tag partner to return with him, and issues surrounding that are holding up the deal.

WBD denies CM Punk is involved with AEW Collision

Warner Bros Discovery issued the statement after it was pointed out he was mentioned as one of the new show’s stars in the initial version of the press release sent out this morning.

AEW & WBD announce Collision, no mention of CM Punk

The long-rumored two-hour Saturday show will officially debut on TNT next month. We’ve also heard a lot about it being a vehicle for CM Punk’s return and a related roster split, but the initial press release doesn’t bring up either.

Report: Punk is pitching for an AEW return match against his longtime friend

Chris Jericho might have to wait in line before he gets to fight CM Punk in AEW.

Report: AEW has major plans for Collision, including big CM Punk match

Punk will have a ‘marquee match’ on a Saturday night shortly after he comes back — and it might not be against Chris Jericho. Plus, we might see some other faces we haven’t seen for a while on the new show.

When we’ll get the official announcement of AEW Collision (UPDATED)

The new, possibly CM Punk-centric Saturday show will reportedly be unveiled at the Warner Bros Discovery Upfronts next week. That’s also apparently when we’ll get word of AEW’s new overall deal with WBD, too.


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