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CMLL Roundup: Mistico wins two tournaments, Tessa Blanchard happy, more!

Let’s catch up on CMLL news from the lucha libre world.

CMLL’s biggest star is on a roll. Mistico took home the honors of winning two separate tournaments. First was the Gran Alternative tag team competition. The concept is to pair rising talent with veterans. Mistico’s partner was Brillante Jr. They reached the finals to battle Mascara Dorada and Neon on February 2.

Mistico and Brillante Jr. secured a tandem victory via armbar and split-legged corkscrew drop. Enjoy the high-flying highlight reel.

Four days later, Mistico achieved singles glory by triumphing in El Rey del Aire (The King of the Air) tournament. He defeated Angel de Oro in the final.

Over in the women’s division, Tessa Blanchard is putting in work. She had a pair of featured singles matches over the past month in Arena Mexico. Blanchard was bested by Zeuxis on January 12. The first two falls were split on roll-ups. Blanchard charged out of the gate to dominate the third fall with suicide dives, a cutter on stage, and a hammerlock DDT. Zeuxis weathered the storm to rally for a package piledriver to win.

Blanchard found her way back in the win column by executing a flying Codebreaker to defeat Dark Silueta on February 2.

Blanchard recently chatted on CMLL Informa about her time with the company. In addition to those bouts mentioned above, Blanchard has been busy on the CMLL touring circuit. She loves Mexico and is grateful to work with the strong luchadoras. Whenever she returns home to Texas, her heart remains in Mexico. Tully Blanchard told his daughter that he’d like to come to Arena Mexico, and she joked that he can be her manager one day. Based on that interview, the working relationship between Blanchard and CMLL appears to be very positive.

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