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Athena hatches revenge plan to ambush Nyla Rose on ROH TV

Nyla Rose has been running roughshod in ROH. The goal is clear. The Native Beast wants the ROH Women’s World Championship from Athena. Nyla even went so far as to attack Athena on the Fallen Goddess’ home turf. Athena was absent for a few weeks, but she hatched a plan for payback upon return.

Last week, Nyla warned that time was ticking on Billie Starkz ignoring her as new minion overlord. The Native Beast voiced her displeasure when speaking to Lexy Nair, dressed as the Quaker Oats man. Fall in line or feel the wrath.

This week on episode 50 of ROH TV, Starkz was in action for a tune-up against Araya Thorn. Nyla entered during the contest to set up a table. Starkz finished her work to win via submission. Nyla demanded an answer. Either respect her authority or be slammed through the table. Starkz had a surprise for the Native Beast. Athena’s music played aloud. As Nyla glared toward the stage, Athena entered through the backside to blast her nemesis off the apron crashing through the wood. The revenge plan worked perfectly.

Unfortunately, Athena didn’t button up her plan. ROH aired a promo from the champ backstage. After Athena sent Lexy and Billie to play with kittens in the car, Nyla roared back to spinebuster her through the catering table.

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